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   Kingston, RI: As we crossed into Kingston and looked out the car window, I noticed the suburban homes, a clear day, and a small bustle of a small town. Kingston - a quaint, typical, New England town, and the home of the University of Rhode Island. As I stepped out of the car, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the campus. The buildings were traditional brick, the cool air was fresh, the foliage was in its prime, and the cutting wind on this brisk November morning reminded me subtly that the ocean was less than ten minutes away.

I looked around and noticed students with backpacks and coffee, huddled in groups of two, three, and four. They were laughing and chatting on their way to their next class. Watching from afar, I found myself getting caught up in the "college" atmosphere.

URI offers a variety of programs which provide a firm foundation needed for many fields. It is nationally known for producing successful graduates.

The tour was very informative and comforting. The guide, Erin, was so friendly, cheerful, bubbly, and helpful. She ended my fear that all aspects of college life and students were formal, businesslike and strict. During the tour, a friendly professor, noticing our small group, graciously invited us to observe a "real" college class. This invitation helped diminish my beliefs of cold, uncaring and stern professors. Also, an invitation was extended by two freshmen to look around their dorm.

Overall, URI offers a beautiful campus, a warm and accepting atmosphere, a fine education, and a convenient location. Kingston is only 45 minutes from Providence, and an hour and a half from Boston. Thus, it offers the best of both worlds.

My visit to URI intensified my excitement about college. f

Reviewed in 1995

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