February 3, 2017
By Keeper1212 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
Keeper1212 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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I looked down at hands, bloodied and cracked with dirt. Tears in my eyes I looked up at the beast before me and yelled, “Why?” I put my head in my hands for what felt like eternity until I felt a warm puff of air blow my hair. It was him. No one would know how badly I wanted to scream at him. Why did you buck me off? Why? What did I do to you? Turns out I had done something.

I was lacking one key step in riding: trust. Now I had to fix my mistake.

Quickly, I ran my hand down the lunge line and used it to push him in fast circles. I let him spin several times before I stopped him. Drenched in sweat, he had managed to change me in a matter of seconds.

I finally approached him and watched his head bob carefully. I then searched for any sign of injury. I came in contact with his blue eyes, watching the waves of blue turn to brown. He looked at me as if he knew what I was thinking. He is more than just an animal. He understands. I was ready to ask him, “One more time?” His ears shot toward the ceiling with newfound life radiating off him.

As all clichés go, I brushed myself off and hopped back on. Back aching and head throbbing, I spurred his side and began our descent into the cloud of dust.

I thought about what the horse communicator told me, “Casanova was looking for something more in life, just like you. He was looking for you.” I always had longed for a deeper connection that I had read about in stories. She continued, “He’s glad you chose him.”

The thought faded as sat with a hault. I reached my hand down to stroke his neck, “I’m glad you chose me.”
He chose me for a reason. This is who I want to be: to live my life as an honest person. As a worker and student. I will never give up on Casanova or anything I put my mind to. Here, I showed him the true meaning of trust and determination. How I did not let him get away with rodeo bucking down the rail. Even after I hit the ground, I wanted to fix the problem. To never give up on what I want.

The author's comments:

A personal essay that interviews me, as a student, and my contribution to the school.

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