January 12, 2009
By Rachel Murphy, Pewaukee, WI

As I sat there patiently waiting to hear my name called one word quickly flashed into my mind, defeat. My name was never called that day. Hours of preparation, and nothing to show for it. As a million thoughts entered my mind, (Would the extra hour made a difference between me sitting here and her standing there; what would I tell my parents; and will I ever have the opportunity to prove myself again?) I stood there alone, silently as I felt my eyes begin to well up with tears.

To some DECA is another extra circular, but to me, it’s a passion. The day I was defeated in my competition, all I could think about was the disappointment I just bestowed upon myself. Questions fluttered through my mind that day, no answers ever came.

Defeat—the single word that lingered in my mind. As I went home that night my father told me something I will never forget. “A man who never refuses to quit, will never fail.” I laid in bed that night repeating it to myself. What could he mean by that?

For months I continually asked myself that same question until the day I received my answer. While preparing for my next competition, I realized that no matter how well you are at something, without the failures, what do u have? In life, the failures you have are what define you and, in turn, make you the person that you are. Without my failures I would not have the courage to continually try to achieve a dream.

Although that day I was disappointed, I have pushed myself to achieve other successes. I grew from that experience and have learned that with a strong will power, a dream can be achieved.

I am not a perfect student; I do not believe such a thing exists. But I know I have the drive and sensibility to push myself to make my dreams a reality. When I have a goal, I keep my head high because I will not fail. I understand I will not receive everything I want, but with hard work, I can give it my all to become what I know I can be.

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