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April 30, 2013
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Oh America. Country of the dreams, of the opportunities. How long is been since I first came…
You have opened me so many doors, show me so many things. And still seven months are not enough to get to know all of you.
I'm a Venezuelan girl, who decided to leave her home to look for a new perspective in life.
I came here as an exchange student, with the purpose of learn the English language, the American culture, and be an ambassador of my own Venezuelan culture.

In this period of time I’ve been experimenting lots of emotions. There have been days were I have feel happier than ever, however there had been times when I felt nostalgic, with the only desire of go back home.. But the worst part was go through all those moments by myself.
As an exchange student I didn’t had other option that grow as an adult, now I’ve became responsible of myself.

Before I came I dreamed I would have a story just like is shown in the movies, or TV shows. My expectations of the US were really high.
I used to go to a private and catholic school, where the entire environment is healthy and safe, with an education based in the catholic doctrine. I knew coming to America was going to be different, but what I had experienced is nothing I pictured myself into. The American dream I had, was, just a dream. I was disappointed.

With the time, everything was turning better; I was starting to have great memories. I had everything I could ask, My two amazing families, that love me and care about me, I had a great boyfriend, I was enjoying the experience many people want, honestly my life was way too good. But it didn’t last long.

At Venezuela (my home country), the presidential elections were taking place in October. The hope of all Venezuelans was very strong, for both of the political parties. My wish was a change. A change of government, a new beginning with a new leader, because the one we had was way too negative for the society. Sadly the opposition side lost one more time. And the hope of many people was taken away again. And my fear of go back to Venezuela started to grow.

Thinking about college in United States was just an impossible dream, all the people pictured to me as something unaffordable, hard to get in, hard to live.
So I thought not everybody can do it, and I putted myself in the "it'll never do" side. I had a really low self-esteem for my English. I wanted so bad speak the perfect English in such a short time, taking my accent away, I wanted to be different from all the other Hispanics in my school.

Months later, my perspective of myself changed. Now what once was an embarrassment for me is something that makes me feel proud.
The dream I thought as impossible, changed. People was starting to be accepted, was starting a new beginning in their life. The impossible barer was being removed. I saw people making it. Reaching what I want so badly. Weeks were passing and I realized I was being wrong about it before.

Then, one of my friends talked to me. He was the last drop to fill the water cup. He showed me how everything in life is possible, he gave me the strengths, and he encourages me to try.

Now, even knowing that is late, this’s a unique opportunity I don’t want to waste, is a decision that can change the rest of my life.

I think dreams should be more than just an illusion, dreams should become goals. Once we decided to make them reality, what we have left is start a plan, with a list of objectives to accomplishment in order to reach the top, our goal, our dream. And of course never give up.

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