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November 30, 2012
“Excuse me, could you help me find the capers?”

“Right this way.”

One and a half inches by three inches. Gold in color. With four capital letters. Such a little word, with little meaning, and seemingly unnoticed when one is frantically searching for capers. So what is this exactly?

The small scratch. It wasn't always there. But within a few days, it made it’s appearance. It’s a war wound from some sharper object. But it isn't broken--it’s tough. It gives it a little personality. It gives it a background...some life. And eventually there will be more scratches--some deeper, some bigger. And with each one, will come a new story.

Then, there’s the deformity--a small blemish. Most wouldn't notice it, but to the right, there it is. A small smudge. Let’s be real, it isn't perfect. Some mistakes were made. And some lessons were learned. And as much as you try, it’s impossible to cover up. But it does not define it or wreck it.

And of course, there’s the little four letter word. The real definition of this word is hard to explain...hard to completely understand. In fact, this meaning is still developing. So far it means integrity, hard-work, and discipline. But it also means mistakes, sometimes moody, and a little crazy. With each year, this meaning will grow, and change.

My name tag may not seem like a whole lot. But to me, it represents everything I am, everything I've done, and everything I will become. I cannot change what is on it. I cannot rearrange it. I know I have to make it, live up to it, and be true to it. And in a few short minutes we arrive at the capers.

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