May 19, 2008
By Zach Ricker, Benton, ME


What are you? Where did you come from? Am I the only one that can see you? Why should I even care? The one and only reason I care is because you are the the biggest legend ever thought of! You are a dragon and you can do anything. I have numerous many things to say about one thing. The only thing I can tell you is what I am shown. And that, my Friend, is what I will do.

I look at you and I see a dragon with scales that shimmer like opals and change shape like kevlar. You have a body like an Olympic athlete, slender yet muscular. As I look up and down your body, I spot a few notable features. Your head has large nostril holes. I’m guessing they’re for breathing at higher altitude. You have two curled horns at the base of your cranium . They are slightly curved like an african antelope. As I look at your neck I see a line of sharp pointed alligator-like scoots. About one quarter down your back, I see your famed wings. They are similar to a bat’s wings, thin but strong. They are dark red and they are almost like carbon fiber. At the tips of them I see claw-like points. I look down your back and see more scoots, but in the middle of your back there is a break in them. Your tail is so slender with long knife-like blades at the end, probably for fighting. Some of the hunting features on you are your dagger-like teeth. As you eat I have noticed that not all of your teeth are sharp, some of them are like our molars. At the end of your short legs there are claws like the ancient Rapier. You probably used these to take down airborne prey. As I look up at you I see the king of true legends.

As I run my fingers along your head, I feel that your scales are very smooth and aerodynamic. Your horns are very rough and feel like they have bean sharpened. the large scoots on you back are very sharp. You have very muscular and slender legs . Your claws are smooth but very sharp. Your wings though they look delicate are as hard as steel but are flexible. Your tail is very long and sleek but is very strong. Your belly is as smooth as glass. The scales run from side to side instead of being layered.

You seem willing so I jump on you . You take off like you were born for this. I feel the wind rustling through my hair. As we soar through the clouds I get wet but the water just streams off you. We fly above the clouds, and I see four other dragons each the color of a rare gem, ruby, emerald, diamond, and,lapis lazuli. I smell sulfur thick in the air as if there is fire near here. I hear the crackle of knots bursting as the wood burns from the heat of the fire you breath.

I continue to ride you and I feel more streamlined and feel no air resistance. You move like the ancient ninja fast, agile, and swift. You perform aerobatic tricks in the air like loops and flares. All the other dragons move differently than you do. They are more serious and concerned. I think this is so, because I think you are a baby. Why should you be concerned anyway you are only threatened by other dragons. I believe there’s only one evil dragon and I think it is the indigo dragon which you should fear.

In conclusion I think it was a wonderful time to meet a real dragon,and a baby at that. I can only dream of meeting one outside of my imagination.

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