Growing Up

February 18, 2008
Like a seed, I’m growing up. I need Father Sun and Mother Earth to nourish me. I need their love and affection; their compassion and strength. I need them to give me water when I look weak. I need their guidance and protection. Once they know I am strong and healthy they let me go, but just a little.
I poke my budding head up out into the world. Now more things are welcomed into my life; new animals, more plants. The world is so big. I want to see it all, know what the world has to offer. Mother and Father are scared and nervous. They know I will need them, and still love me and guide me. Once I find out that the world is not all that nice and gentle, I grow thorns and begin to protect myself. I learn life’s lessons and grow even more.
I stretch for the sky; the tree tops that sing and dance in the wind. As I grow, my stem becomes stronger; my roots take hold of the rich Earth, and life. I can stand alone, but still blow in the wind. I am fragile and breakable, yet confident and hopeful. I do not need my mother or father as much as I did when I was just a seed.
The farmer that placed me into the warm soil with his loving hand has been watching me grow and thrive. One day, he carefully digs me loose from the dirty soil. I have left behind seeds of my own so that the world can be a better place; full of lush fields covered with exhilarating flowers. He gently takes me to his home, his kingdom, and I am placed in a beautiful vase. The farmer sets me in their kitchen and I am admired by all who enter. His sturdy home brings shelter to my smooth petals and protects me from the harm that my old world had once brought to me. I lose need for my thorns and I bask in the love and glory I am given.
Mother, Father, and the farmer are all still watching me; loving me and encouraging me. I live my life as a beautiful rose. I remember my life, all the love and protection I was given. I remember all the bad times I had to endure so that I would be able to grow; the short flood and never-ending rains that were so hard to take had provided me with the much needed water I had needed. The times of pleasure and peace rekindle the warmth in my heart. So like a seed I have grown and lived. A rose of God’s creation!

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