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August 30, 2011
By katie_broderick SILVER, Oak Lawn, Illinois
katie_broderick SILVER, Oak Lawn, Illinois
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“People change and things go wrong, but always remember, life goes on.” On September 21, 1993 I was born in Hope hospital. I grew up in Chicago the first five years of my life then I moved to Oak Lawn. Over the years I learned that the only person you can trust is yourself. Having two sisters made me realize that throughout the hard times family will be there for you. All I need to be successful is me, myself and I. The two people I need to keep moving forward is my best friend and myself. I am who I am and if it doesn’t please someone that’ fine because my life is controlled by me, not anyone else.

To begin with, my best friend has a great effect on me. She’s been through so much with me and is the only one who has never judged me. She pushed me to get a job and to make sure I do well in school. Even when I lost my job she still pushes me to get one. Jen is the only one who makes sure I don’t put my life in the wrong path. She encourages me to stay strong and to do what I want. I rely on her for her support and word. She influences me to become a nurse because I love helping people. When she needs someone to listen I’m there for her. Without her by my side I’m not sure where I would be. Helping others and listening to their problem makes me feel happy because I know I’d be able to help them out. It lets me get the satisfaction of knowing I can help others out, just like what Jen does for me. The way people act after knowing something good pleases me because I love seeing people happy and smiling. Jen wants what’s best for me even if it means she has to push me and yell at me. Our friendship started rocky at first because I heard things about her which weren’t so great. I finally gave her a chance junior year in 4A PSAE. The thing that made me know she was a true friend was when got in a big argument and after it was resolved she told me “you were the one who listened, you were the one who cared, you were the one who had my back, you are my best friend.” She’s important to me because honestly without her I wouldn’t know who I would be. She helped me made me the person I am today. Having her in my life keeps me sane and it keeps me pushing forward. Her opinion means something to me and so does her trust.

In addition, people would be able to tell me from the rest is by how straight forward I am. I speak what’s on my mind and it doesn’t bother me what others think. I hate lying so I try to tell the truth as much as possible. I’m really outgoing and rarely ever shy. I like to meet new people and I have no problem starting a conversation with someone new. At first I can come off as rude or mean but it’s only because I find it extremely hard to trust someone. It’s hard for me because I’ve had friends turn on me in seconds over things that shouldn’t have mattered. I lost a good friend because she turned against me so I left her. Once you finally get to know me you’ll realize how nice I am. People influence my attitude and behavior daily. I’m extremely friendly and very social. Someone new to me is just a great way to make a new friend. Unlike most people, they care too much what others think. I view it as if someone doesn’t like me then I’m doing something right. To have someone to not like me shows that my opinion is affecting others. I put others before myself because I don’t want a bad decision to affect someone. I know I’m different and original from most people. I try to not ask my parents for anything. I like to be independent and know that what I’m doing in life is because I got there, by myself. Going into a nursing field will give me the guide that I need to stay independent. Making my own money was a big accomplishment to me. I rarely ever asked my parents for money which I loved. People say money can’t buy happiness but money can buy things that will make someone happy. Something that will always have me stand out from the rest is how trustworthy and reliable I am. I don’t tell peoples business to others, I keep it to myself. If someone needed something from me, I’m there. I would never turn my back completely on someone without them doing wrong to me first. The person I am today is a matured high school student with the ambition to become a nurse.
To sum it up, I wish to be successful in my life and to accomplish that I need my best friend to keep my going and for myself to never give up. In the past seventeen years I’ve learned that when people or things change, I shouldn’t let it affect on me. I’m different because I keep my mind open to new things and I don’t let things get to me. Happiness is a key to great success.

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