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October 22, 2010
By , Fishers, IN
Have you ever noticed how ugly the word ugly is? It is only used when describing something repulsive or undesirable. The world as a whole shys away from the word. Nobody wants to be ugly. This fact is utterly important. You see, I do not believe in ugly. Ugly, does not exist. The problem with the world today is the increasing number of blind people. Now, when I say blind, I am not referring to those with vision problems per say. To me, people who are blind, are people who do not use their eyes. If everyone in the world were not too busy shoving their faces in their cell phones, televisions, and laptops, the number of blind people would indefinitely decrease. I believe that the most important organs in the body are the eyes, ears, and brain. Here is my hypothesis: If you open your eyes, you will begin to see the beauty that exists in everything. By opening your ears, you will find that listening is the greatest tool of them all. If you open up your mind, you can accomplish wisdom over knowledge. But if you open all three, the world will never cease to amaze you.

The problem today is that we talk more than we listen, we think more than we act, and we hate more than we love. Appreciation for the life we have been given is something I have seen declining over my few years here. It seems as though the most important letter to every individual is the letter I. This fact seems significantly unimportant, except when I point out that it comes before the letter U in the alphabet. What I am saying, is that I comes before U. I before You. I may not be a person of great achievement. I have not accomplished anything internationally recognized. However, the previous statements bring me to my next hypothesis: Human beings are instinctually selfish creatures, and the desire to help others, in most cases, comes only when the benefit exceeds the cost.

I have presented you with two different hypotheses, based not by measurable data, but solely by observation and experience. I have yet to experience a life time of experiences. That is obvious in itself, seeing as I am only a seventeen-year-old girl. I have, in the most simplest of terms, lived. I know myself enough to say that I believe that I have the gift of sight and listening. I have the ability to find the beauty in everything I come by, and as hard as it may be to do at times, I can listen more than I speak. Wisdom, to me, is when you put your knowledge into action, and is something I have yet to achieve. Wisdom, in my opinion, is a skill learned over time, time I have yet to come by. I have no regrets, no mistakes. I only live with learning experiences. While this essay is for my application to your school, I need you to consider this: I have done wrong, because perfection, in my eyes, cannot exist. Who I am is not a list of numbers, and is not my seemingly lack-thereof list of extra-curricular activities. Let me tell you who I am. My name is Brice Lilith Geddes, and I am seventeen-years-old. My one goal in life is to positively benefit someone else’s life, no matter what the cost, through the method of open eyes, listening ears, and wisdom beyond my years. Give me the chance to show you what I can bring to your school, the people in it, and ultimately the world. I have the ability to make an impact, but for now, I am happy where I am. I would not waste your or my time if I wanted otherwise, but I will make the best of what you ultimately decide. This brings me to my last hypothesis for consideration: There is a cause and effect to everything, and everything happens for a reason. Ultimately, however, there are no ordinary moments.

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