Peter the Disciple

May 23, 2010
By Anonymous

Peter was a very important disciple in the New Testament. He is mentioned in 9 of its 27 books. Peter and his brother Andrew were the first of six pairs to be called by Jesus. Peters call to be disciple was by Jesus directly showing his great works. One day when he was fishing with Andrew the nets came up empty. They were returning to shore when Jesus came to them and asked them to take him off shore so he could continue his preaching. In the middle of Jesus’ speaking he told them to lower their nets. Although they had been unsuccessful they went ahead with their task. As they raised the nets they were filled with fish. As a result of this miracle Peter and Andrew became believers and were then called by Jesus. This miracle was the turning point in Peters life in which he became a reverent believer.
In Peter’s faith he experienced many challenges: including ups and downs in his beliefs. The main faith challenge that we learn about was his three denials of Jesus, which fulfilled the prophecy of Jesus. His first denial was when a female servant of a priest recognized him as a person close to Jesus. When she confronted him and asked if he knew Jesus, Peter denied knowing him. The rooster then crowed for the first time. Then bystanders asked him if he knew Jesus and again he denied knowing him. Finally, a woman said that surely his Galilean accent meant he was a follower, for the third time he denied. The rooster then crowed for the second time. Peter suddenly remembered when Jesus had said to him "Before the rooster crows twice, you will deny me three times." and began weeping.
Overall, Peter was strong in his faith even though he had troubles at times. He preached boldly about what God had done and how he would continue to support followers through life. Though he spoke at times without thinking, he followed Jesus and played an important role in the Bible and history as a whole.

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