November 22, 2016
By LeahGlipolli BRONZE, Kottayam, Oregon
LeahGlipolli BRONZE, Kottayam, Oregon
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As I sat there with an expectant gaze on my face on how my juniors were gonna bid me the best "Bye", a part of me knew I was fighting an inner turmoil: glad on attaining freedom but sad at having to leave school.
Taking a quick flashback through time, when I first began school. I had no idea whatsoever what was going on. My mama had stowed me into the school bus and the driver flew me to the school. I had flocked through the sunny school grounds. The teacher asked a question and my mind went blank. But I grew up, caught up. Fell down, but rose up on my own. I made those "We'r Beat Friends Forever and we vow to stay together" promises.I got those, "Get the hell out ofy class" scoldings from the teachers. I made those unforgettable memories.
And then came senior year.I knew right from the start that this was my last year at school and then I had to leave. But I didn't put much thought into it since I was not the "school sick" kinda person. Cuz what's that? That's not even a word. And then I got to work, tried those legendary night-outs, studied hard, tried my not-so-good luck at exams.

And at the blink of an eye, it's over.I'm free. Free from waking at 6 o'clock sharp each morning. Free from wearing that awfully pink uniform.

The breath of freedom filled my lungs till I felt suffocated.


The grief of inescapable separation washed over me like a tide.All the mugged-up love for your school that I didn't even know existed poured out. All the memories came flooding back like an old newsreel.

The stairs which I used to climb tediously, all the while hoping there was an elevator; the playground whose rocky terrain gave way to my fall; each and every nook and cranny of the school calling to me, screaming: Don't leave.

But I have to, whether I like it or not

That brings me to the present,steeling myself to make the most of my last day at school.I hear the words of the anchor,"I wish you all, seniors happy adventures,fantastic new friendships and the journey of a lifetime.

Wherever you are, wherever you go,uphold the name of your school. Cuz your Alma mater awaits your return as a whole new different person. Farewell!!!!"

No matter how painful this might seem, you"ll one day understand why there's a "good" in "goodbye".

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