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Red Winter
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The Cold War has been imprinted in our brains since the day we step into a World History class. But what if the Russians got the upper hand and things turned violent? (more »)
Path of the Waves: The Tale of Caleb Morrings
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In the tumultuous years preceding the War of 1812, Caleb Morrings is an American Navy-man who is pressed into service under the British Flag. Follow his journey to the USS Chesapeake as the seas erupt in some of the most important battles of the war. (more »)
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1976: The Grey Jungles of Vietnam
Steve Thomas is your average 24-year-old. Or at least he tries to be after Vietnam. How can he escape his war demons? (more »)
The Truth About War
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Stephen Wayne was hoping he would come back from war a hero. But there is no glory in the pain that he brings back instead. (more »)
The Misadventures of James Potter
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It's the first year of Hogwarts for Harry's eldest son, and he wastes no time in leaving his mark on the school. (more »)
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Safe & Sound
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safe & sound is a story about a young man named Cody who finds himself in bad situations but seems to know how to get out of them. He encounters bullies, a tsunami and a government that wants to kill him and the other survivors. (more »)
Zoe the Zombie
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Zoe is a member of the walking dead who wants to be alive again, she plans to use her new boyfriends soul to do so. But someone plans to steal her own, but her friends will help her fight. (more »)
From No. 4 Privet Drive
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“This is no trick April Dursley,” he says glancing at my incredulous face, “Witches and Wizards have lived alongside non-magical beings for thousands of years. Tom Riddle was one of them, as is your cousin, and indeed yourself” (more »)
The Bus Stop
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An allegorical narrative set against a back drop of the Arctic Convoys of the Second World War. (more »)
Exo Planet: Shoot Anonymous
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You wake on an unknown planet with no memory & no home. The only life you find is 12 boys in a run down house. But there's something special about these boys, & about you! This is Phoebe's story. (more »)
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We Are the 21st Century Gods
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A novel of the events following a nuclear war. (more »)
The Daisy Chain
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In a country destroyed by war and opposition, the rebel’s son and the government general’s daughter form an unlikely alliance. (more »)
Joie de Vivre
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Yves Bonaparte is sent to fight for France in the mad dash for Fashoda, only to learn that war is not fought by soldiers, but by men. He realizes what it means to be a soldier, and embraces what it means to be a man. (more »)
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Ancient Hawaiian tribes still survive today on the tropical islands. Two tribes are on the brink of devastating war when the heavenly gods start to get involved. Everything goes downhill from there. (more »)
Into the Wild Blue
1st Lieutenant Jack Davenport heads off to war. (more »)
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Aria awakens, and finds a whole new side of the world she thought she knew. Earth. Air. Fire. Water. How far is she willing to go to protect those she loves? (more »)
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