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Till the Tree Die
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Vampires can't be in love. It doesn't happen. It can't happen. But what if it does?

(more »)
It's Only You Against Yourself
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After her parent's death, Ella is lost until she meets Matt. However, Matt has a secret yet when she finds out, Ella discovers she has her own family secret. One with dark creatures and dark magic. (more »)
Of Selcouth And Loss
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What if there was something powerful enough to kill an immortal? Something like...a fatal illness that causes its victims to rot from the inside out. Imagine what it'd do to the human race. (more »)
The Secret World of the American Vampire
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There are so many secrets surrounding the Saunders'but to add to all this, the Saunders’ are one of the most prestigious families in Vampiric society and in this world reputation means everything. (more »)
Zoe the Zombie
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Zoe is a member of the walking dead who wants to be alive again, she plans to use her new boyfriends soul to do so. But someone plans to steal her own, but her friends will help her fight. (more »)
My Story
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Zonia Arabella Romousa Ivy has lived on he father's farm in Italy for 15 years. When she moves to America the drama begins. Hot guys battle for her heart and emotions run wild. (more »)
The Little Teashop of Horrors
In an alleyway is a tiny, little teashop. Their tea is strange, the staff even stranger, and the patrons the strangest of them all. Welcome to Bernetta's, may we take your order? (more »)
Pasted and Present Lober's A Vampire
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It's a story about a girl who is reborn and who's lover in her past life and present live is the Prince of the vampires. (more »)
Feudal Era Japan and a Lost Vampire
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I was born in the year 1200 and did not realize I was a vampire 'til the age of 19, 1219 (more »)
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Megan is just and average girl, that is until she meets Jeremy and her life is turned upside down. (more »)
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Carmela Cross is an average girl, until she falls madly in love with a vampire. Soon she is faced with new challenges, involving secrets about her best friend and herself. (more »)
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A boy follows his heart (more »)
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This is my latest version of my collection of Wendrenhood pieces. It is still unfinished, but it is really coming along (more »)
In My skin
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this story follows the half immortal daughter of Richard Warren. After killing her boyfriend Derick she is confronted with a choice, she has to spill her blood to appease his mistake. (more »)
Vampire High Chronicles: the first taste
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Alena Gordon is a normal teenage vampire at a normal vampire high school. This year things turn bad when they find out that some things will be in the same school as them. (more »)
I Hate My Ex Vampire
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Ashley, your average teen, discovers something surprising about her boyfriend. What will she discover and will it break their undying love? Was he using her? Is he just another pretty face? All these questions shall be answered if you keep reading! (more »)

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