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The Bet
By , Keller, TX

One bet. One murderer. 

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By , wrightwood, CA

Dragon Slayers and Dragon Riders have been enemies as long as anyone can remember. But then May finds out that one of her classmates in Dragon Slaying class is really a Rider. She has always thought that dragons were monsters...But are they?

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Mountain Dew
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Caroline Akers was a beautiful girl with the best life possible. Until she met Aiden; a boy with an intriguing and deadly secret. Together, Caroline and Aiden would create the best memories of their lives and the worst.

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The Unintentional Rebellion
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A girl leaves her home because of hatred and freedom, but now she might have unintentionally created a rebellion.

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Chasing The Dealer
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Different points of views tell the story of three spies and 1 Headquarters on a mission. (more »)
Imagine your best friend like your crush while having a boyfriend and not being able to stop her from flirting with him. (more »)
Carter Huffington
A story about a spy in the 40s who has help from his old love of his life and gets into all sorts of trouble with many people after him. (more »)
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When Molly is cheated on by her boyfriend of seven years with her best friend she feels like she can't trust anyone. Finally she puts her trust into a guy she literally fell over, but was that the right decision. (more »)
Guardian Angel
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I really hope you enjoy this book. (more »)
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Everyone Has a Purpose.
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A girl must overcome her anxiety of horses after a horrible accident. (more »)
Path of the Butterfly
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While looking for herbs one day, a Native American member of the Crow named Nova meets a boy from a Rival tribe, who is named Akando. The two fall madly in love. However, love isn't always a good thing. (more »)
Our Wonderland
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Alice went to wonderland and came back, but what
happens when wonderland's characters come to
our 'Wonderland'. (more »)
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Trust Me
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Her life is turned upside down when Social Services learn the neglect of her mother after her father’s demise. Gabriella is taken away from her insufficient home, into a foster family. Will she find a way to open her wary heart to these strangers? (more »)
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She trusted no one. She had reason not to and a background to go with her hate of men (minus her toddler brother). So when she's assigned to tutor the school's basketball hero, will that change Melonie's perspective on life? (more »)
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Sometimes you’re just in that much need of a
That you'll be willing to do just about
anything, to find it. (more »)
The Lake House
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It seems fate doesn't want Melissa and Ehren together. But just as they seem to be growing closer, there's always something to tear them apart. (more »)

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