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I Ruined a Perfect Thing // mainlyatl, om&m,...
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Cornelia Celestia Pandora is just your average 24 year old... except the fact that her best friend is the famous Cimber (Kim-ber) Stella, T.V Actress and "Band Groupie".

(more »)
The First Chrononaut
Eugene is a young scientist that has created the world's first time machine. However, during a trial run of his new invention, he learns that the near future is nothing like he expected. (more »)
The Elves Conspiracy
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Some shape changing, time travelling Faeries, and a mysterious stranger try to take over a town. Does a shoemaker, have what it takes to stop them and save his family? (more »)
Marriage isn't for Me
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An elderly wife tells her story of the love of a lifetime, and how they made it through each challenge they faced together. (more »)
An Adventure of PatsyLou Scottsdale
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A 693-year-old woman that travels in a lime green telephone booth. What could be more exciting than that? (more »)
The Violet Hour
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I'm flying, I'm falling, I'm locked up, I'm crying (more »)
Two Halves of Eternity
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When you have all of eternity to live, there should be no problem. But what is this worth when you find yourself loving someone who can live no more than a century? (more »)
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A dramatic book an ancient 300 year old curses and an impossible romance that wasn't supposed to be able to happen. (more »)
The Diary of Jane, Part I: A Growing Despair
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This is a story taken from my mind video inspired by the Breaking Benjamin song, but other than the title, it has nothing to do about the song whatsoever. It is a story about the struggle between free will and determinism. (more »)
The King's Shifter
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Spin off from Huntress: a tale of a boy King, a second life, and an unshakable love. Or is it really "unforgiving"? (more »)
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the Conductor of a time-traveling passenger train finds a mysterious package containing an unspeakable evil. With 200 passengers aboard, he has no choice but to drop the package off at the next stop: Hollowwood Arizona, 1979. (more »)
Foul Temptations
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Sweet indecision often bleeds through the mind of Andromeda Dragomir, unbecoming of a leader. Her title is threatened by a long-buried enemy. (more »)
Baby Dreams
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When Keira Harrison is told that her inability to have a child with her husband might be due to a psychological issue spurred by a traumatic childhood, she instantly dismisses the suggestion. That is, until she is taken back in time. (more »)
Stuck in the Past
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Zoanna Teele is a rich and gorgeous high school sophomore living in the 31st Century, an era filled with super technology, robots, and those mysterious Urgent Call Programs. (more »)
I Am The Walker
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Luci and Shadow live thousands of years apart, but meet through time travel. Shadow takes Luci into the future with him, just as a plague hits the time travelers. (more »)
Untitled, Chapters One to Five.
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I haven't completed this "novel" yet, but I would like to receive feedback on my completed chapters. (more »)
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