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Cora and The Bots
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Far into the future, in a world unlike our own robots have become the dominant species. Their goal? Kill all humans. 

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The Search
By , West Homestead, PA

After years of in depth research, continual questioning, and fingerprint scanning, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ruled the case as "unsolved." Charlotte decided to put the case in her own hands.

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Her Creation
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Kolten Lane just finished his last exam in his third year of college. He is confronted by stranger in the parking lot and that is where his day shifts from average to abnormal.

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Apocalypse: Vengeance
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  As the group gets seperated, its up to Doug to find Sam and the others before someone else. Someone looking for vengeance. Take the journey as the gang fight threw hordes of zombies and other enemies to get back their friend.

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a thought provoking story of perspective and fear.

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Jasmine Porter, daughter of politician Jeremy Porter, sees a psychologist regularly for the dreams she has.  When Jasmine dismisses her psychologist and walks into a seemingly empty school, nothing but chaos can ensue.

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The Powers of an Aristocrat
By , Aurora, IL

How can Susanna save her self and her sanity without destroying her family bloodline?

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To Journey's End
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The three sisters: Machiko,Mayumi and Koemi are in the past only knowing that they are harvesters and their parents were just murdered. In order to return home they must kill evil,face the ultimate tragedy and support one another. (more »)
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Benevolence takes place in a rural Indiana town where things haven't really progressed since the 50's. There is still strong, racial hatred that needs to be dealt with, but can two A.A teenagers do it alone? (more »)
Life After Living
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What happens when you die? Well when Evangeline finds out, her world is tipped upside down quite literally...
Terra, Para, Infernum. The three dimensions within time that coincide to create the sacred bond known as existence... (more »)
By , Walloway, Sydney, TX
Ever since Delilah was little, she would always dream of something big happening in her life. And it he change came, it just wasn't the change she expected. (more »)
Here We Go
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Alex has just lost her best friend, Lexi who has committed suicide. But there may be more to the story than what everyone else thinks. Alex has to find out the truth. (more »)
Bar Dynasty
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It's been ten years since the Gang Uprising began. It's been four years since Annika started contributing to the cause. And it only takes a few minutes for her to realise that things need to change. Now. (more »)
Memory In Pieces
By , Freeport, ME
Stories about waking from comas and forgetting things are common, but in this case, forgetting has completely changed Toren Felthar, yet remembering could be dangerous. (more »)
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Lighting the Shadows
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What wants me dead? And why now?! Right when I start to have a social life! (more »)
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A dramatic book an ancient 300 year old curses and an impossible romance that wasn't supposed to be able to happen. (more »)

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