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A teen witch and her futuristic friends accidentally summon a cult god. (more »)
If You Don't Do Something
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Anabelle is constantly pressured by her mother and required to meet incredibly high demands. On top of that, the day we meet her, she experiences a host of bad luck. Read on to find out how she copes with it. (more »)
Far from Perfect
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Lyndsey is a normal 15 year old girl. Except that her parents are abusive and her siblings are bullies. When her aunt finds out, she takes her away. Lyndsey feels saved, but is she? (more »)
An Ocean Full of Stories
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This is a story of a girl named Jenna Mudling. She has a dream of Poseidon who gives her a message that she has powers and has to run away from home to receive them. (more »)
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What would you do if you were treated by your wealth instead of who you are? (more »)
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Coping with the loss of her father, Noa Hart must move to Newton, Massachusetts and live with her mother. Now she's the new kid in school, but something's off. Naturally, the new kid should expect some attention, but not this kind of attention..? (more »)
Just In Time For Christmas
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Mealonie Holiday loathes Christmas. She found work in the city but it still unhappy. With a little mishap in the surrounding woods of her home change her life and spirits forever? You decide... (more »)
The King's Shifter
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Spin off from Huntress: a tale of a boy King, a second life, and an unshakable love. Or is it really "unforgiving"? (more »)
If You Knew The True Me
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Kaeli's life is slowly falling apart when she finds herself having to live with her dad and new step mom after her mother dies. She has to start completely over now. Along with her brother, there is fighting, drama, love, forgiving, pain. (more »)
Autumn Falls
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Sidney lives the life of an ordinary teenager, break-ups, school drama and dealing with annoying cheerleaders. When Luke arrives in town, Sidney becomes interested in him, and wants to find out why he's so withdrawn. (more »)
A Tale of Two Kitties
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A book about the adventures of one very unlucky cat. Great for people who read Warriors Wish. Or anyone who has been yearning for a good cat story. :3 (more »)
I dont know the title yet! :/
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new kid and befriends amaziing people!!! (more »)

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