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Wolf Girl
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Briar, the Wolf Girl, is the that was girl born and raised on a wolf preserve. She knows she's special but she's soon going to discover just how deadly being special is.

(more »)
Its On
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Sometimes life has a different plan than you. (more »)
Forever Foreign Love
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Teagan is 16 year old girl with the ability to heal from any wound instantly. She can hide that easily though. Stay to herself. She never expected to fall in love again though. So why couldn't she convince her self that she doesn't like Riley? (more »)
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Aria awakens, and finds a whole new side of the world she thought she knew. Earth. Air. Fire. Water. How far is she willing to go to protect those she loves? (more »)
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I'm no Angel
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Angel is a monster truck racer/ dare devil/ motorbike racer kind of girl. She seeks thrills and to keep her adrenaline pumping. She believes she doesn't need a guy in her life, until she meets the guy that changes everything. (more »)
The Boy who Couldn't Remember
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Jason Sloan is a boy who cannot remember his past, and whenever he hears something, it stirs up a memory inside of him. He then goes on an adventure to get them back (more »)
A Life Through My Looking Glass
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Poor girls.... stuck in high school with no where to go and no one to turn to. The result? A terrible loss. (more »)
Bar Dynasty
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It's been ten years since the Gang Uprising began. It's been four years since Annika started contributing to the cause. And it only takes a few minutes for her to realise that things need to change. Now. (more »)
Paper Doll
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"Someone who is lost cannot be found using a map they've drawn on their own."

The story of a young girl drowning in the all-consuming world of an eating disorder. (more »)
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Jessica White is your usual run away who experiences a most unusual event, leaving her threatened physically and emotionally. (more »)
Night of the Faun
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Adelaide,a young french girl, comes in contact with rancorous demons from the other side. She must persevere and persist to remain true to herself before these unspoken creatures consume her morality. (more »)
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Pure Half-Blood
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What happens when the king of the gods and a powerful witch are parents to the most powerful fifteen year old girl in the supernatural world? Pure half-blood or pure Mean Girl? (more »)
Someone Like You
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Have you ever met someone that you really liked and than met someone you like also. Well Katie has and she needs to pick one... (more »)
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This is a fanfic about Alex Rider he gets turned into a girl has k-unit gets turned into a bunch of drabbles later on (more »)
Lost Inside
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Lost Inside is a book that I have been writing, editing, and rewriting over and over again. This is what I have come up with so far, hope you enjoy! (more »)
Wal-Mart Runaway- The High Cost of a Low Price
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A shooting at Wal-Mart leaves a teenager desperate. In the 24 hours she spends with this handsome stranger, her life will be changed forever. (more »)

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