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My shaking hand runs up and down the side of my head. Thick thread lines the hard surface and suddenly I realize what this is.
There is a mask sewn onto my face. A MASK.

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Del Salto
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The 1920s are supposed to be a whimsical time for all. But what happens when a new disease runs rampant through a lone hotel? Will this newlyweds honeymoon be filled with love and lust or fear and death? (more »)
Apatheia Ataraxia
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In a world where freedom has been exchanged for security, Rhiannon Thompson has joined the resistance to gain the freedom she's never known, but her past may put her and her rebel boyfriend, Connor, into more danger than she anticipated. (more »)
The Fourth World
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A post-nuclear war Earth. What feels like perfection reigns in a strict new society. But this world is filled with lies. The protagonist soon comes to find the truth not only about her world but about herself. (more »)
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Emerson Alexander lives in Cultivation--a world of independence and no technology. What will happen when she fails to resist the urge to go over the Fence and see what's on the other side, completely risking her life? (more »)
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In a dystopian future, Jasper Pyrite is one of the lucky candidates to compete for the title, "ultimate indifference." (more »)
By , la quinta, CA
The world is slowly falling apart, self-destructing as the climate changes. Nothing is as it seems. Who knew humanity could be so dangerous? (more »)
Leaving Earth
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A fast paced novel about four teenagers training to go to mars. (more »)
Ruin (Book 1)
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After receiving the required vaccine, students take a trip to the Ruins, what's left of Los Angeles. (more »)
The Generation Code
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Based off the short introduction named ConGen Code. (more »)
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Harley Vincent tries her hardest to be conspicuous in a world designed for her to stand out. But when a challenge confronts her like none she's ever had to face before, she has a decision to make that isn't going to be easy either way. (more »)
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Bar Dynasty
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It's been ten years since the Gang Uprising began. It's been four years since Annika started contributing to the cause. And it only takes a few minutes for her to realise that things need to change. Now. (more »)
Unconquerable Soul (Previously known as Duty:...
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It's been 80 years since the Chaos left the world in ashes, and everyone likes to think the new society will stay perfect and peaceful forever. But they couldn't be more wrong. (more »)
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The valiant General known only as Michelle attempts to defend the dystopian city-state of Lorthof from the armies of her former lover, the power-mad dictator Wister Wahsilby. (more »)
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In the distant future, Kenly is forced to into leaving her old life behind and engaging in an education suited for a world leader. She has a hard time staying out of trouble, and the things she comes across while there will change everything. (more »)
A Rebellion, Underground
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Kane, a man in the massive, oppressive Stein Empire, is setting off on perilous journey of escaping it. However, after doing so, he must fight to keep his new land free. (more »)

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