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Diary of a Gang Member

Author's note: This is about a girl that's had to many people die in her life, and she forget's what life really...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This is about a girl that's had to many people die in her life, and she forget's what life really is. She forget's that life can be happy. Then she sees what life truly is, and that true love does exist. But sometimes, love can mean death.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter Six

“We have to get rid of him,” Jacket whispered to the group. “He wants to take us out. Him and his gang. If we take him out, we can take his gang out easily. They won’t have direction and they won’t be able to attack us. They’ll be forced to turn to us.” I watched him as he talked. The words he was saying reminded me of a medieval battle pep talk.
Fang nodded in agreement. He looked at me. “You have to get him distracted, and when he turns his back, take him out. We’ll finish the rest.”
I nodded. “Where is he?”
“He’s at the dock, waiting for one of us to go and meet him. He doesn’t realize how dangerous you really are and he won’t suspect you to be able to kill him.”
I nodded again and reached for the gun in Fang’s hand. He pulled it back. “No. You need this,” he said, and handed me a knife. “We can’t make any noise. But I have to tell you this, put up a fight. Make him fight a little so he thinks he has a chance. Then he will realize how weak he really is when he gets beat by a girl.”
I glared at him.
“Well, you I meant to say.”
I nodded and grabbed the knife, putting it in my pocket. I had a pair of black gym shorts on and a red tank top. Our team color is red. Which is really funny because I had a red bandana in my drawer that I never seen.
“Okay. So when do we go?”
Fang pulled out his phone. “He’s there now. We have to hurry. And remember, his name is Lorence.”
I nodded and walked out of the ally. This is why I joined the gang. To let out my anger on people. This is why the lower part of my back says La Mort. This is why they call me Mia.
I walked to the dock, my legs feeling numb in the cold night air. I knew I should’ve worn jeans tonight. But I had to get out fast before Sarah and Frank came up to see what was going on up stairs.
I seen the old dock after a few minutes and I could see a shadow follow me up to it which I knew was Fang and Jacket moving silently.
I could see a figure standing on the dock, waiting for me. I walked up to it and stopped right in front of him. The light was shining on him just right so I could see everything about him.
He had black hair falling over his eyes and pulled back in a short pony tail with a tight, black T-Shirt on and baggy black shorts with black and white high tops.
He gave me a gleaming smile. “Hey,” he said in a low voice.
“Hi. So you’re Lorence, right?”
“Yeah. And you’re the La Mort I’m supposed to be meeting, right?”
I nodded. “That’s me,” I said in my best I’m-so-small-and-defenseless voice. I made it sound like I had a really high voice and slumped my shoulders and sucked in my stomach to made it look like I was a lot smaller than I really was.
“Well we need to talk about how our fighting’s going. Because so far, you’re little group has killed seven of my people.”
“And how many of us has your little group killed?” I asked him expectantly.
He shrugged. “A couple.”
“Twelve. You’ve killed twelve of us.”
He shook his head. “Whatever. The point is that we need to get rid of this fighting because it’s killing us.”
I nodded. “I know. That’s why this has to end now.”
He looked at me for a long time then laughed. “So you’re gonna kill me? Is that what you’re saying?” he asked me humored.
I nodded. “That or you’re group backs off of us.”
He looked at me again. “Yeah good luck Goldie Locks.”
I smiled. Oh don’t worry, I thought. I will.
I reached for his throat at a speed that surprised even him and he backed off before I could cut into anything. I didn’t pull out my knife yet. I wanted to look defenseless.
He reached over and grabbed my arm and threw me to the ground and pinned me. “You still want to fight? You know, you’re actually hot for a gang member.”
I smile my sweetest smile. “Awe thanks. You know, that might actually be a compliment if it wasn’t coming from you.”
I kicked him off of me and rolled over to push myself up. Once I was off the ground he looked at me now. I wasn’t slumping my shoulders or bending my knees any, or sucking in. Now he seen what I really looked like and he looked surprised. “You know, you actually looked like you were a little kid. Now you look like the Devils Angel.”
“You’re a little off there. I’m the Devils Daughter.”
I ran to him and kicked him in the stomach so he fell over. He reached out to grab my arm which I didn’t pull back so he could pull me down, to make him think I wasn’t as tough as I was. He was laying on his back with me laying on top of him and smiling. “You really are beautiful. How about we just kiss and make it all better?”
I rolled my eyes. What is up with guys wanting to make out with girls that they just met?
I smiled at him and leaned down as if I was actually going to while my hand reached into my pocket and gripped the pocket knife.
“You know you could leave your gang and join us,” I said in a seductive voice. “I would really like for you to be with me. It would be a lot of fun. We could go and kill of your gang and you can become a La mort.” I flipped open the blade in my pocket.
“That doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.”
I had to sound like I really wanted him to. Catch him off guard. I leaned down and kissed his neck. While he couldn’t see my eyes I looked over where Fang and Jacket were watching. Lorence can’t see them in the darkness but I can. They looked at me questionably and I gave them an It’s-just-an-act look in my eyes. Jacket nodded but looked like he didn’t like what I was doing. Fang didn’t like it either He was still moping about me picking Jacket over him.
I pulled back and looked into Lorence’s eyes and pulled my hand out of my pocket. I put my hand next to his face so he couldn’t see the knife.
“What do I have to do to get in?” he asked me, like he really wanted in. Which he probably did. So many people want to join us now, since we’re the dominant one. We made a group that would talk to them separately, but the person wanting to join wouldn’t know that they were in it. Most of the people wanted to join so they wouldn’t get killed.
“Oh there’s the thing,” I said. I pulled up the knife to his neck and Lorence’s eyes widened in disbelief. “You can’t.”
“You wouldn’t,” Lorence mumbled. He looked at me with begging eyes, eyes I was so used to seeing.
I bent down and whispered into his ear. “Try me.” Then I leaned up and looked into his eyes, waiting for him to dare me to do it. “You still want that kiss?” I asked.
He said nothing, but looked at me with pure hatred and fear. I leaned down and kissed him lightly on the lips then looked him in the eyes as I sat up and smiled at him.
“Don’t worry,” I said to him. “We’ll inform your group that you were going to leave them.”
“You wouldn’t actually kill me would you?” he asked in a shaky voice that he tried to hide.
“Oh but that’s the thing,” I said in a cheerful voice. Then I felt my face go beautifully dangerous. “I would.”
And with that I slit his throat and his eyes widened. Then went blank.
Jacket came out with his hands clapping. “You know,” he said to me. “I almost thought that you were going to let him join.”
Fang laughed. “So did I,” he said. He seemed disappointed. His whole expression said, “So you kiss a guy you don’t know for two minutes but you won’t kiss a guy you know for two months.”
I laughed.
Fang pulled out his phone and his eyes widened. “Well, looks like we’re going on a trip. There’s a guy name Hernando that we need to take care of.”
Hernando. “Where is he.”
Fang looked at me and smile. “That’s the fun part. Looks like we’re going to Mexico.”
My eyes widened. “Looks like it’s a good thing I took Spanish,” Jacket said and laughed.
“When do we go?” I asked Fang.
He looked at his phone for a few seconds. “Now.”
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