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Diary of a Gang Member

Author's note: This is about a girl that's had to many people die in her life, and she forget's what life really...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This is about a girl that's had to many people die in her life, and she forget's what life really is. She forget's that life can be happy. Then she sees what life truly is, and that true love does exist. But sometimes, love can mean death.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter Four

I lay on the table that was set out in front of me. I know what’s going to happen and I know I’m not going to like it. Jacket explained the whole thing. In fact, he had such faith that Fang, that Fang is the only one that I’ll let do it. Draken and Ean are not allowed to do it. I refused to let them.
Twenty figures in black surrounded the table and I pressed my face against the table. They talked to me about this, I thought to myself. I wanted to be a part of this. I needed to be. These people understand me. I wanted to do this.
The hot metal stick came out of the fire, blazing red, showing me that there is no turning back. I grimaced. Once I got home, Sarah and Frank never suspected a thing. I did not go all the way to California to grab Zeklos and come back for nothing. Zeklos is to help clean up the messes. I know what I got myself into and I don’t want to turn back.
“Mia… Mia… Mia… Mia…” the people around me were chanting. Mia was my name Catalan.
“Mia Bradshaw. You know the consequences and the privileges of being a La Mort. You may join our brothers and sisters if you abide by our rules, and accept the one consequence of this decision. Do you accept?” Fang asked me in a very low and powerful voice.
He reached over the table and lifted up my shirt to expose my lower back. “I now announce you, as a sister of our family, a La Mort,” he said. As he lowered the hot metal to my back. I gripped my hands at my sides and grinded my teeth together, I shut my eyes and concentrated on why I was here. Why I wanted to be a part of this.
Then I felt the pain in my back. It burnt my skin and I could smell the smell of burning fresh. I bit my tongue so hard that it drew blood. Oh my GOD! I gripped my fist harder and bit harder on my tongue, holding back the urge to scream. I could feel the a be made on the back of my neck for La. Just four more letters. I imagined why started this. Why I wanted to do this. The M in Mort is done. Just three more. I imagined the first time I found these people. There’s the o. Two more. That’s it. I scrunched my nose at the smell. The r’s done. Just one more. Only oooooooone more! I waited for the t to be done. There’s the first line. Just one more to make the cross. Aaaaand done. I can’t even explain how much I was relieved.
“Mia Bradshaw. Welcome to the family.” He leaned down and kissed me lightly on the lips.
Now I know what you’re thinking, why did I kiss him? That’s how the ritual goes. If it’s a man joining, then a girl is the one that carves it in him, but it goes in his arm. If it’s a girl, it’s a man that does it, but it’s a tramp stamp. And in the end, they seal it with a kiss. They exchange their souls. Well that’s basically how they do it. After that I was lifted off the table by Fang and he sat me on the ground and had to hold me up, as they usually did, so I didn’t fall from the slowly fading pain.
Everyone cheered and led me to the table, where I there drank the goblet full of wine. The goblet was gold with silver frames around it. I drank it as I was supposed to and then turned around and held it up, to show my last chance.
You see, if you don’t drink from the goblet, it shows that you’re having second guesses. And you can’t have that. So if you don’t drink it immediately they kill you. Immediately.
After all of that we were celebrating my joining. We were in the very ally I first found this gang. There was loud music and liquor and dancing people everywhere.
Jacket came up from behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He kissed my neck slowly and I giggled.
“Hey sexy,” he murmured in my ear a way that made my knees feel like jello.
“Hey,” was all I could say.
“Welcome to the family,” he said, and he kissed my lips, slowly and soft. It was one of those melting kisses. The ones that made your knees go weak and your mind race.
I was to into the kiss to see Fang glaring at us from the corner. The gun in his hand. Later I would regret kissing Jacket. But for now, I was enjoying it as much as I could.
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