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Diary of a Gang Member

Author's note: This is about a girl that's had to many people die in her life, and she forget's what life really...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This is about a girl that's had to many people die in her life, and she forget's what life really is. She forget's that life can be happy. Then she sees what life truly is, and that true love does exist. But sometimes, love can mean death.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter Three

“Do you see what we got her into?” I heard Jacket hiss at Fang.
“What do you mean?”
“She’s a criminal!”
“No she’s not. We practically kidnapped her. She had nothing to do with this.”
“She knew that we killed that chick and she said nothing! And the police know! And thanks to your touchiness she’s gonna turn us in!”
Fang sighed. I could barely see it but I did. I was laying on something cold and damp. Like a cave floor maybe. I heard a small dripping noise in the distance and there was a musty smell. My head throbbed and my leg was twisted in a very uncomfortable position, but I didn’t dare move it. I wanted to hear what they had to say.
“I’m sorry okay? I’ve just been really sad since Jazzy left. And it’s not like you getting a girlfriend helped it. I guess I got sorta jealous.”
“What do you mean, ‘you getting a girlfriend’? I don’t have a girlfriend.”
“You will soon.”
Fang sighed again. “Did you not see her looking at you. She wouldn’t have cared if your arm was around her, but it was a big deal with me. And… that’s never happened before. I’ve always been the getter one out of you and me. I wasn’t used to someone looking at you more than me.”
“She doesn’t look for looks man.”
“How do you know?”
“Because if she did, she would’ve been all over you. And she would’ve run when she seen you. Everything about you screams danger.” Good, I thought. I’m not the only one.
Fang looked away. “She’s just special. I can see it in her eyes. Did you not see it?” What is her talking about?
“Yeah I did. The way her eyes changed color. When she was mad at you it was like a violet blue. When she was scared it was a dark brown. When we started walking out of the ally, her eyes were bright blue.”
“It’s based on her mood. And you know what that means.”
“What does it mean?”
Fang and Jacket looked at Todd and Demo.
I swear that Fang’s eyes had a tint of red to them when he saw them. “I told you guys to wait in the car!” he yelled.
Todd and Demo retreated immediately. Fang sighed and his eyes looked calmer. “We have to take care of her.”
Jacket shook his head back and forth. “I still can’t get the image out of my head.”
Fang grabbed his shoulder and looked him in the eye. “Dude, I know we got in a lot of crap and we can’t get out of it. It’s for the gang okay? She knows what we did and we both know she’s gonna turn us in. I know what I did was stupid in the car and I wasn’t really gonna shoot her, I was just trying to get her to believe I would. We have to watch her now though. We can’t leave her alone that means. One of us are gonna have to always be with her because they want to hurt her. We both know it.”
“Who’s after me?”
Fang and Jacket both looked at me surprised. “You’re awake,” Fang said.
“Yeah I just did. Who’s after me?”
“That’s a long story. We need to get going,” Jacket said and he came to lift me off the ground. I pushed him away.
“I can walk myself.” But once I was on my feet I fall straight down until Jacket catched me and lifted me back up in his arms.
“Yeah I can tell.”
I grimaced but let him carry me out of the cave.
They sat me down in the car and Todd turned around to look at me. “I swear I didn’t mean to hit you like that. I didn’t mean to hit the tree. You just started screaming and I guess I got kinda distracted.”
“It’s fine Todd.”
He nodded and turned around and started to drive away. I hope my Sarah and Frank don’t mind if I’ll be late for dinner.
“Where did you get the new car?” I whispered to Jacket.
He just shrugged and looked out the window. He knew where we got it, he just didn’t want to tell. The outside of it was black. That’s all I can really tell you. I’ve never been very good with cars.
I looked at Fang. “Where did you get the new car?”
He shrugged. “We borrowed it from a friend of ours,” he said, then chuckled. He looked out the window as well.
We sat like that in silence for a long time. Finally I pulled out my phone and Fang grabbed it and almost threw it out the window. “Wait!” I yelled.
He looked at me. “I can’t let you turn us in!” he yelled back.
He looked at him in disbelief. “I was calling Sarah and Frank to say that I’m at a friend’s house so they don’t call the cops!”
“Oh.” He gave me back the cell phone hesitantly. I held out my hand waiting for him to drop it. He didn’t.
“Tell me their number.”
I stared at him in even more disbelief. “You have got to be kidding me.”
“No. I can’t risk it.”
I glared at him, and then told him their number. He held it up to his ear until it was ringing and then told Todd and Demo to pull over and had me put it on speaker phone.
After ten seconds Sarah answered. “Hello?”
“Hey Sarah.”
“Oh. Hello Demi.”
“Yeah, hi. I was just telling you that I’m staying with Chessy tonight. Okay?”
“Yeah sure. Just be home after school tomorrow. Or call me if you can’t.”
“Okay. Bye Sarah.”
The phone read “Call ended!”
I texted Chessy: if sarah asks I’m at ur house. k???
The reply came: will do. have fun!!!
Fang nodded and looked away. I glared at him. “You want to hold on to it? Just in case?” I asked him.
He looked at the phone, then at me. “Is that an offer?”
I gave him a shut-up-if-you-know-what’s-best-for-you stare then handed my phone to Jacket.
“Don’t let him touch it. He’s not afraid to shoot me, remember?” I said sarcastically.
Fang grunted and looked out the window and I deliberately leaned into Jacket. He put his arm around my shoulders and I leaned my head against his shoulder. Fang gave us one glance and a glare at Jacket. Jacket cringed at the glare but didn’t remove his arm.
We showed up at a cheap motel. It was called, Bob’s Inn. “We’re gonna have to stay here tonight if we want to get where we’re going without wrecking,” Todd said.
He cut the engine and walked in to get a room.
“I’m sorry,” Fang said. He didn’t look at me. He kept looking out the window.
“What?” I asked.
“I’m sorry.”
Jacket sucked in a breath. Later I would see how rare it was for Fang to apologize. But at that moment, I was trying to figure out what he was talking about.
Before I could ask Demo came out and waved us toward one of the doors. I jumped out of the car over Jacket’s lap faster than a rabbit jumped away from the lion.
We walked into a hideous room with striped bedcovers and floral wallpaper.
“What died in here?” I asked, looking around.
Fang chuckled then looked at Demo. “Call the rest of the gang, will ya? Let them know we’re all right.”
Demo nodded and pulled out his phone.
“There are more of you?” I asked.
Fang laughed and so did Jacket and Todd. “We aren’t even the start of it,” Jacket said and high fived Fang. They did that weird thing guys did when they high fived and grabbed each other’s hand and pulled themselves to each other and chest bumped.
I looked at them. In an odd sort of way, I kinda wanted to be a part of it. Their gang and all. I wanted to have a family. I wanted to have somewhere to go and I want to know how to fight. I want to be part of this. All of this.
“How can I get in?”
Fang, Jacket, Todd, and even Demo looked at me and stopped muttering into the phone.
“What?” Jacket asked me.
“I want to be a part of this. The gang.”
They all stared at me and an awkward silence fell over the room. Jacket started laughing and Fang joined along and soon everyone but me was laughing.
Fang looked at me. “Oh that’s funny. That is hilarious! Like you really want to be in a gang and-” he kept talking and talking and Jacket looked at me.
Jacket patted Fang’s shoulder and Fang looked at him. “She’s not kidding,” he said, not looking away from me.
Fang looked at me a long time. “You have got to be kidding me.”
I shook my head. “I’m not. You guys seem to have a good time.”
Fang laughed, but it wasn’t a humorous one. “You want to join a gang to have a good time?”
I shook my head again. “No I want to be a part of this because I want to be a part of you guys.”
Jacket gave me a long look. “Demi, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.”
“I do. I know you killed that person and I know that you will kill more. I’m fine with that. I want to be a part of it.” What am I saying? Do I really want to kill people?
Fang looked at Jacket and waved Demo and Todd over. The all huddled, reminding me very much of football players.
They whispered to each other, but I could hear fragments of it.
“She already knows to much… If she’s part of it then…” Fang muttered.
“We can’t risk it… you’ve known her for a day and she… she’s seen too much we have to get rid of her…” Todd hissed.
“Are you crazy?! She just… She won’t turn us in for… She’s totally safe…” Jacket muttered.
“I’m with Jacket and Fang. She’s isn’t gonna hurt… and we can’t let her walk off and we definitely… That would just lead to a whole pattern of things that… so we can’t just…” Demo whispered to Todd.
Silence. “Fine… but if… and we… Okay?”
Everyone nodded and turned back to me. I felt like I was being interrogated.
“Here’s the thing. There’s something that has to be done for you to join. And I don’t think that you would enjoy it very much,” Fang said.
“Jacket? You want to explain?”
Jacket’s eyes widened. “What? Why me?”
My stomach churned. Is it really that bad?
“How about we just tell you later when we are around everyone else.”
“Why? Is it… really that bad?” I asked, afraid to hear the answer.
“I’m warning you that it’s not pleasant.”
Oh god. “I’m really tired,” I said suddenly, changing the subject.
Jacket and Fang and everyone else seemed to understand and picked sleeping arrangements. I was sleeping with Fang and Jacket while Todd and Demo got the other bed.
Oh dear, I thought. I get to sleep with Fang. That’s just lovely.
Once we all got settled in I was in between Jacket and Fang. Fang seemed to have a hard time not pulling me into him and having me cuddle with him while Jacket had a hard time not laughing at Fangs pain.
I fell asleep and imagined what hell was going to be in for me when we get back to Burksville.
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