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Diary of a Gang Member

Author's note: This is about a girl that's had to many people die in her life, and she forget's what life really...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This is about a girl that's had to many people die in her life, and she forget's what life really is. She forget's that life can be happy. Then she sees what life truly is, and that true love does exist. But sometimes, love can mean death.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter Two

I jumped at the sound and automatically spun in the direction it came from. It didn’t sound too far away. Maybe the next ally…
All I knew at the time was that I needed to go and see what it was. Which I would regret later.
I ran over to the next ally. No one. Next one. Nope. Next one. Not- wait. What’s that. I seen four figures leaning over a lump on the ground. Something was shining on the ground. The gun.
I could barely hear them talking. “Fang, we can’t leave it here,” I heard a male voice say. It sounded deep. But not old.
“Yeah I know. We gotta dump it in the lake. If we tie it to a few bricks it’ll sink… won’t it?” I heard someone say, Fang I guessed.
“Yeah I think. If we go to the-” snap! “Wait. What was that?”
Crap! I looked down. I stepped on a pop can and it sounded like a snap.
Five heads flicked into my direction. I ducked behind the wall again.
My heart was thudding in my chest so loud I thought the people heard it. My throat was closing in anxiety and my mind was screaming at me to run as fast as I could. But if those people still have a bullet in the gun, I bet that they could shoot me before I got across the street.
“Demo, can you go check that?” Fang asked.
“No way man,” I heard the voice hiss. “If someone’s there I don’t want them to see my face!”
“No way.”
“Have you lost your mind?”
What kind of a name was Jacket?
“Fine.” I heard footsteps coming my way. Oh God.
Run you idiot! my mind was screaming at me. Run! If you stay you’re gonna die, so run! NOW! My feet wouldn’t move. I tried to run. To run to the police, the school, the house. Anywhere but here.
“Come out come out wherever you are,” I heard Fang tease.
“Caught ya,” I heard him say then someone grabbed my throat and something else was pressed against my neck.
I tried to say something but couldn’t. My words were caught in my throat, along with the knife at my neck. Threatening to take my life away from me.
“Crap!” I heard a voice say. It sounded like Todd.
“Wait, is that a girl?” I heard another say. Jacket I guessed. I still didn’t get what kind of a name Jacket was.
I was thrown to the ground and my head hit the edge of a trash can. Bang! I started to get dizzy and gray spots sparkled across my vision. I didn’t hit my head hard enough to get knocked out, but my head definitely hurt! I closed my eyes concentrated on getting rid of the pain.
“Be a little more careful man. We don’t know what she saw or heard. Maybe she didn’t hear or see anything,” I heard a voice hiss. It was too low for me to know who it was that was hissing it.
“You know what? I wasn’t even thinking about that. I was thinking about why she was there. But now that you mention it… she could’ve heard and seen everything,” I heard another voice hiss. Definitely Fang.
I heard someone suck in a breath. I opened my eyes to see who it was but didn’t have time to look.
I felt someone grab my hair and yanked me from the ground. Pinning me to the wall and holding a gun to my head. I sucked in a breath and glared at the man threatening my life.
I didn’t have much time to evaluate what he looked like, but from his voice, it was Fang. “Where you spying? Who were you spying for? Why are you here? What did you hear? What did you see? Talk to me!” he hissed at me.
“Dude, give her a chance to talk and she might say something,” I heard a person say. It was the same person that was defending me earlier.
“Shut up will ya Jacket?” Fang asked. So it was Jacket that was defending me.
Fang looked at me and pressed harder with the gun. “Talk.”
“I’m not spying,” I said through clenched teeth.
“I’m not playing around here.”
“Neither am I.”
Fang looked me over once and seemed to see that I was telling the truth. “What did you hear?” he asked me.
If I lie then I’ll die. If I tell the truth, I die. I might as well tell them the truth. “I heard someone say, ‘We can’t just leave it here, Fang,’ and everything after that.”
“Why were you here?”
“Well I was in the ally over there and I heard a gunshot and then I came to see what happened.”
“Why were you in the ally?”
“Because I didn’t want to go to school.”
“Why not?”
I didn’t say anything.
“Why not?!”
“Because I-”
“Dude, she’s Demi Bradshaw.”
Fang looked at Jacket and at me the at Jacket then at me again. “Oh.”
I glared at him. “Can I go now?”
Fang looked at me sort of… interested now. “I would say yes, but I want you to hang out for a little bit with us. You mind?”
I stared at them and Jacket nodded eagerly at me. “Uh… sure. Wait. What was that gunshot for?”
“Uh nothing.” The gun wasn’t removed from my head yet.
I stared at them all. Now that I could finally relax, kind of, I could see what everyone looked like. Fang had sandy blond hair with deep blue eyes. Such a deep blue that it reminded me of an ocean. An ocean that you could drown in if you weren’t careful. He had high cheekbones and was very well built with large arms and wide shoulders. He was about a foot taller than me so I had to look up a little to see his face.
Jacket had such dark hair that it was almost black and deep brown eyes with gold flecks. He was only about six inches taller than me and was wearing a large black and red jacket. He had high cheekbones to but had less muscles than Fang. He was pale and very, very handsome.
Todd was black and was wearing an oversized white t-shirt with baggy black jeans and a chain dangling from the sides. He had really short hair with a fire design down the sides. He had thick lips and talked with a sort of edge to it. He was the shortest of the group.
Demo looked like a DJ. He had black headphones around his neck with a oversized black jacket on and a skull tattooed on his ankle. He was a little shorter than Fang and had a dark complexion with thick black eyebrows and long black hair falling over his eyes.
Demo and Todd bent over something and dragged something farther back into the ally and Fang slung his arm around my shoulder and started to walk out of the ally.
“What’s your name?”
“Uh, Demi.”
“Demi. Demi. Sounds just like Demo’s name. That’s weird.”
I shrugged. Jacket came up and stood on the opposite side of me.
“Hey I’m Jacket.”
“I’m Fang,” Fang said.
“Yeah I figured that out when you had the gun to my head.”
“Oh. Yeah. I’m sorry about that. I thought that you were a spy to some other group.”
I nodded, then looked at Jacket. “How did you get the name Jacket?”
Jacket laughed. “A jacket saved my life.”
I raised my eyebrows.
He shook his head. “Long story.”
I just kept walking. They took me to the dock next to the lake and sat down on it, patting in between them for me to sit down.
I know that they killed somebody. That’s what the mound was on the ground in the ally. They’re some kind of gang. Fang had a gun. He must’ve been the one to shoot him. I wonder who he shot though. And Jacket stood up for me. Why? He never even met me. Has he? I doubt it. I would’ve noticed him. And Fang. What was up with him? He’s so… odd. So fast and always in a defensive mode. He always had his shoulder high and his hands like claws. Even sitting he looked dangerous. Every angle you seen him in screamed “Stay away! Dangerous! Will attack!”
“Whatcha thinkin’ ‘bout?” Fang asked. He slung his arm around my shoulder again.
“Just why you always have your arm around me,” I said.
“Well we’re together now.”
“I really like you a lot. I think we’re a cute couple. You so small and defenseless and me big and strong. We’re really cute togetha. So we’re together now.”
I shrugged his arm off of my shoulder. “Uh, no. We’ve known each other for ten minutes.”
“But, Damen, we’ve accomplished a lot in ten minutes.”
“Yeah and right after you learn to say my name right we’ll go get married.”
“It’s Demi. Not Damen. De-mi.”
“Oh well we’ve only known each other for ten minutes.”
He shook his head. “Come here babe. We can talk about this later.” He reached for me to pull me in for a kiss and I put up a shield between our lips.
“Fang stop!”
He stopped and sighed. “Well you’re nothing like Jazzy.”
“I have no idea who the heck Jazzy is but if she thinks that your together and ready to make out in ten minutes, I’m definitely not like her.”
Jacket laughed next to me.
Fang gave him a cold glare, then he looked at me. “It’s no big deal.”
“Exactly. And I think I should be going now.”
Jacket stood up with me and Fang did as well.
“No come on. Look I’m sorry okay? It’s just been that I’ve been pretty lonely after Jazzy left okay? I’m sorry. Don’t go.” He grabbed my hand before I could take a step away. For the first time I saw him he looked vulnerable. He didn’t have his shoulders hunched up and his hands weren’t claws and his eyes weren’t wary and dangerous looking. His eyes were sad and I could see that he didn’t want me too leave.
“Fine. I’ll stay.”
I started to sit down when I heard cop sirens flaring and a car spun in a donut in the gravel road behind us. All three of us turned around.
“Fang! The cops are after us man! We gotta run!” Todd yelled.
Fang was on his feet in a second and Jacket was right behind him. Fang grabbed one side of me and Jacket grabbed the other side and they dragged me to the side and threw me in. I looked out the window after they closed the door and then I seen what was in the ally. A snapped rope was tied around the body. It was floating face down in the lake with his arms and legs sprawled out in all directions. It had red hair the floated around it. A girl. Long red hair, floating around her like a net.
I gasped. “Oh my god.”
Jacket looked at me then out the window and his face went white. “The rope came untied man. It’s floating.”
“What are you-” Fang started to say, then saw what he meant. “Crap.”
Fang looked at me. “You don’t know what happened. You would know if you seen what happened.”
I ignored him. Sure I knew he killed somebody in the ally. For some crazy reason I looked past that. Maybe I was hoping it wasn’t true. But I did know. But seeing it right in front of my eyes… well that was different.
The car sped off. “Oh my god,” I repeated.
Jacket looked at me. “Demi you don’t understand.”
“I want out.”
“Demi listen.”
“Let me out of this freaking car NOW!” I screamed.
Todd didn’t slow down. I opened the door to jump and almost made it out when Fang snatched me and pulled me. The door slammed shut and Fang pulled me over to where I was sitting in between him and Jacket.
“Let me out of this god forsaken car now!” I yelled.
Jacket laughed and I turned to glare at him. “What is so funny?”
“It’s just that I don’t know any one that says godforsaken here.”
“Well you just met one. Now let me out NOW!” I screamed. Todd didn’t slow down.
Demo turned around. “Dud if she opens her mouth and tells that we’re the one that killed her we’re gonna have to shoot her. You know that right?”
Fang and Jacket looked at me. “Are you gonna open your mouth?”
I didn’t say anything. I just stared.
He sighed and looked down. “Please say that you won’t. I really don’t want to have to kill you,” he said.
I could feel Jacket stiffen next to me. “Just say you won’t. If you don’t think that he will, he will. Trust me. He’s done it before,” Jacket whispered in my ear so no one could hear him.
I said nothing. Fang sighed again. “Well I really don’t want to do this… but.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the gun.
Well this is a good way to die, I thought. I die trying to turn in a killer. Well, killer’s.
The last thing I heard was the click of the gun being cocked and Jacket screaming no, then the car ran into a tree and I could see nothing.
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