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Central Park.The Tragedy Of Max Anderson.

Author's note: This is my very first piece I have finished, So please let me know your thoughts. I want to become a better writer.
Author's note: This is my very first piece I have finished, So please let me know your thoughts. I want to become a better writer.  « Hide author's note
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You are my home.

As Taylor glanced at her cell phone, she had called at 11:30. It now was 12 o’clock; it has been a little over 30 minutes. “Blue…red…” That’s all Taylor can make out of what max says as she sees ‘blue and red’ too. She sees the cop cars race around the corner. One, two, three, four, five, six; a total of six cops that came to the scene. As all the rest of the officers attend to the lifeless body of the poor woman, Taylor hears a voice: “Ma’am, I am Detective Smith. “Smith introduced himself. “Hello, I am Taylor Muller. And this appears to be Max.” Detective Smith’s eyes look Taylor up and down. He was a very skinny guy, with little facial hair that looks like he had missed shaving this morning. “We will need to talk to you both separately.” He said with a very cold sound to his voice. He looked at the boy like he was going to rip him right from her fingers. “Sir, that’s fine.” Taylor said extremely stern. She held Max’s hand so tight. She was very afraid to let someone talk to this boy that had been with his mom when she was murdered but she had no choice. He could help with this investigation. Taylor felt an almost motherly affection towards max. “Please come with me son” another officer had said to Max. Max had a dead grip on Taylor’s tiny hand. “Max, you can take Buddy with you. I’ll be right here waiting for you to be done. I’m not going anywhere sweetheart.” Taylor pleaded with Max to listen to her. She truly wasn’t going anywhere…She wants to help max. She wants to keep him safe and protect him from everything, everything that has happened tonight and also for the rest of his life. “Otay. I go, Bud too.” Max complies. Honestly, it was just as hard if not harder for Taylor to let go of his hand as it was for him to let go of hers. She watches him very closely as he walks hand in hand with the officer. Even though the unnamed officer was very amazing with Max, Taylor couldn’t help but long to be the one holding his hand. “Now then Miss. Muller, May I ask do you know this little boy, Max or Emily?” Detective Smith had spoken but Taylor’s attention was too preoccupied with being extremely worried about Max. All Taylor could think of was how he was doing? Was the officer scaring him? “Miss Muller, Excuse me?” Smith had interrupted Taylor’s lack of paying attention also hoping she would put some effort into assisting him in this, of course, ongoing investigation and answer his pending question still hanging in the air. “I’m sorry, no. May I ask who Emily is?” asked Taylor pretty certain she already knew the answer. “Emily Anderson is the deceased woman that is his mother. She was only twenty-four. His name is Max Anderson. He is three years old.” Smith said with the deep emotionless voice. “I see.” Taylor answers truly not knowing what to say at this point in time. “What were you doing out here so late ma’am?” He had said it as though he thought she was up to something, like he was making a decision whether or not I did this vicious murder of this young lady. “I was walking my dog, Buddy, for the fact that I would forget to do it in the morning before work.” Taylor said as she watched his facial expressions, wondering if he believed her or not. She really didn’t know what was going through his head, he was extremely emotionless. Detective Smith excused Taylor so she could be by Max’s side. She was scared that Max wouldn’t want her, but as soon as she started walking towards him, he ran right into her arms. “Is he done?” The officer nodded. Taylor was worried her next question would be completely denied but she was willing to ask for herself and Max. “Is there any way Max can stay with me tonight? I have a weird feeling she’s all he had from the way he’s clinging to me.” She explained to the unnamed officer. For some unknown reason she needed him to come home with her. ‘What’s this weird feeling I have…love, I don’t know why but I believe I love this child.’ The officer needs a minute to talk it over with more officers to come up with an answer and also find out if his father was in the picture. “Well ma’am, his father was found to be dead a year after he was born. On that note we have decided to let him go home in your care. Honestly we just don’t want to see a three year old in a home for the night. I will need your cell phone number and address please then you are free to leave.” He made very intense eye contact with Taylor as she gave him her address. Taylor didn’t say another word as she picked up Max and started off in the very bizarre night. The depth of the darkness seemed to eat them alive which had sealed her fate.
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