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Central Park.The Tragedy Of Max Anderson.

Author's note: This is my very first piece I have finished, So please let me know your thoughts. I want to become a better writer.
Author's note: This is my very first piece I have finished, So please let me know your thoughts. I want to become a better writer.  « Hide author's note
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logic thinking abandoned.

In an apartment just off 2nd street, above a Chinese restaurant there lives a woman by the name of Taylor Muller; she is just twenty years old. She and boyfriend, Jay Clark, are curled up on the sofa completely tangled in each other’s arms. Jumping around them begging for Taylor to untangle herself from Jay so she can walk him, was her dog, Buddy. Taylor throws her arms up; she was honestly annoyed and felt a little bad about it. “Babe, I have to take him for a walk.” Taylor’s face changed from a smile to a frown so fast that Jay though she had slapped on a sad face just like Mrs. Potato head. “Alright, I’ll go with Hun.” Jay loved their walks together after they found out two years ago that they could never have kids of their own. “No we both have to work early in the morning, go get some sleep!” Taylor insisted as she bent down putting Bud’s shiny new red collar on as well as his even redder leash. “Okay babe, but promise you won’t stay out too late?” Concerned Jay says as they walk hand in hand together to his car. “I promise. And I love you. Goodnight.” She says kissing him hoping the worry would go away for him, even though she felt he was kind of acting fatherly in her eye which she wasn’t fond of. “Love you more, Goodnight” He copies her as she lets go of his hand. Taylor tugs ever so lightly on Bud’s leash to make him stop follow his “dad” and follows her foot steps to the central park. Taylor is a pretty uneasy when after five minutes go by she still doesn’t hear Jay’s car start and when he hasn’t past her on his way home yet, she was beyond freaked out. Her mind was instantly put at ease when she hears Jay’s ringtone coming from her back pocket, when she answered the call she made sure Jay know she felt like she was being followed. Little does Taylor know that her life is going to change tremendously this very night, as she walks her dog in the middle of a very eerie night. Through the central park, they made their way to their normal trail as Bud led Taylor on an all too familiar adventure. “Bud, did you hear that?” Bud barked as if to say he did hear that then he ran into the direction of wherever that creepy noise was coming from! Bud got closer to a figure that suspiciously appeared just as Taylor realized that the faceless shadow was that of a child. “Are you okay sweetheart?” Taylor asked trying to sound loving and motherly. Maybe the child will come to me if I try to coax him this way with sounding like a mother Taylor thought to herself. The yellow color of the street light found the figure of the child; she could plainly see that he was a young boy who couldn’t be more than three years old. A red color shines bright. Why, why do I see the color red? Red on his body... He’s covered in blood! What do I do? What do I say? I am frozen. Taylor’s head screams. Finally Taylor snapped out of her trance as she stumbles to the boy. As She about falls right on top of him she places a hand on him cheek wiping away the blood. “You’re covered in blood, Do you know why sweetie?” she said as comforting as she can be hoping she can help this little guy. “I max”…”You come” He struggled to form the words as he grabbed for Taylor’s hand. Taylor didn’t say a word. The young boy led her to a horrible scene. Taylor dropped to her knees shacking in sheer terror… In front of her there lays a body, blood everywhere. A black object sticking out of her back… She’s dead. “Momma won’t get up” said a voice that seemed as far away… It was Max. And this woman lying on her stomach with a knife in her back is his mother. “Max, I need you to keep holding my hand; I have to call for help” Taylor pleaded. “otay” he nodded. With a puzzled look on her face Taylor scrambles to look for her phone. ‘Cellphone where are you?!’ Is all that is going through her head at this very moment. ‘Found it’ with blood still on her hands she struggles to type in 9-1-1 on the keypad. “911, what’s your emergency?” came a calm voice from dispatch. “Please, someone hurry! There’s a dead body of a women in central Park! I’m here with her son, I believe.” Taylor screamed finally losing her cool. “Ma’am please stay clam for the boy. The ambulance is on its way to your location.” “Thank you.” Taylor disconnects. Waiting, that is all she can do at this point. Every minute feels like an hour.
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