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Element Enchantress

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Answers and Lilies

They're keeping something from me. I know they are. I guess it's understandable that they would, they seem like such good friends and this is the first time we've all hung out together. But still, they're keeping something from me; a secret. I hate secrets. "What is it?" I ask.
"Well," Faith starts, "You see the thing is,"
"Faith! What if we're wrong?" Tyler blurts. "We don't want to be wrong, not with this."
"With what?"
I hope you enjoy chapter 3!
I ask again.
The three exchanges a look and finally Jack speaks up, "We believe that you, like us, have something special about you."
"Something special?" What in the world do they mean?
"Yeah," Faith continues for Jack. "You see a lot of hot and fiery things seem to have happened today and yesterday, with you around." I stare at Faith questionably and she sighs, "The fire in the cafeteria, the dead grass after you sat on it, the girls' Alaska, and" holding up her plate, Faith shows me her burnt food, "my dinner."
Tyler chuckles and begins to speak as well, "You know the four elements? Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire? Well, we think you have that 'something special' like us, and it has a lot to do with the elements."
I just stare at each one of them questionably and Jack lets out a big breath. "Fine, watch this," says Jack. Jack puts his hand near his nearly empty glass of water and suddenly I see a small, barely noticeable, light come from the palm of his hand. My mind must be playing tricks on me, because almost instantaneously, the glass is filled to the rim with fresh water. With my eyes big with shock Jack gives me a grimace and continues to speak, "Did you see the light? On my hand?" I quickly nod. "Only those with, uh, something special can see it, when it's on themselves or on others. And since you can see it, you have that special something."
"This..." What should I think of this? It's so weird. So not normal. So... Different. I don't want to be different. They... They must be joking. Pranking me. This prank, it's way too much. "This isn't funny."
"It's not supposed to be funny." says Tyler. "It's serious."
"I..." I pause. "I can't believe you guys would go this far for a prank!" I jump from my seat, leaving my burnt spaghetti behind and going towards to big golden double doors to leave. "Don't look back. Don't look back," I whisper to myself. But, being the dumb and idiotic me I am, I glance behind me. Faith is staring down into her folded hands, looking concerned and upset. Jack infuriated and his hands are balled up into fists. Tyler though, is following me out, only ten feet behind. Noticing that I begin to half run half jog out the doors. Being the winter season it is, I can easily see my cold breath in front of my face. Glancing behind myself I notice that Tyler is still pursuing me. "Stop following me!" Tyler doesn't say anything and just keeps jogging behind. He could easily catch up to me, but he keeps his distance. I need a place, a place away from him and the rest. And I know just the place.
I quicken my pace from a jog to a full out sprint, and about three minutes later I am approaching a big arch with the sign "North Park" on the top. Ducking under the chains that signify the currently closed park, I rush to my favorite spot. The swing set. Sitting down on one of the black rubber seats, I look around for any signs of Tyler. For a minute I don't see Tyler at all. Maybe I lost him. Or not. Suddenly I get a push from behind and my swing goes high. Giving a surprised yelp I look back and see Tyler, smirking.
"I..." His smirk disappears. "I don't want to talk. Go away."
"You don't believe us?" Tyler looks at me, which makes me turn around and face forward on my swinging swing. Tyler goes and takes the spot on the swing to my left. "Why not?"
"N- No proof. And it sounds crazy. And..." Why am I telling him, especially Tyler Elms, this? "I don't want to be different anymore. And th- that's way different then just being adopted and no friends."
Tyler's eyes looked to be filled with concern and Tyler begins to swing at the same pace as I, though my swing is slowing down. "Jack showed you proof. Yeah, it does sound crazy. And different is good."
"It, it wasn't enough proof. That could have been faked so easily."
"Want more?" I nod. "Okay," Tyler jumps off his swing and grabs some snow and dirt off the ground. Dusting the snow off, he now only holds a handful of plain old dirty dirt.
"What are you do-" Tyler cuts me off by hushing me and raises his hand to hover over the dirt. The same bright light appears in the palm of his hand and all of the sudden a green stem grows from the dirt. The stem continues to grow until a single lily, very beautiful one at that sits in the dirt in his hand. Pulling the lily out of the dirt, Tyler walks it over to me, as my swing is now barely moving. He takes the lily, does a sort of polite bow, and offers me the lily. Tyler Elms, the Tyler Elms, is giving me, Lilly Vokida, a lily. Doesn't seem like much to be said aloud, but it makes my heart flutter and my stomach has butterflies. Why? I have no idea. I'll just blame it on the whole using a special something.
"I know it sounds crazy, I didn't believe my mother when she told me about it. She has it too, you know. And Jack and Faith's dad both. You, I don't know. And it seems you haven't known until now because of the adoption." Tyler looks at me again with eyes that feel as if he is taking the pain from me and putting it in himself.
"So," I say, whisking my head to the side so I am no longer in his intense stare. "Jack's water, you're earth I'm guessing, and Faith is wind?" Tyler nods. "And I-" I take in some air. "I'm fire?"
Tyler nods as he sits back down on his swing and starts to slightly swing himself. "It's really hard to believe, I know."
We sit there in silence for a while. "Can you tell me more?"
Tyler looks over at me and gives me a smile and nods. "Well, one of each our parents' had taught us most of what we know. And you know whose element is whose. But with each person of us comes a different gift that not even our parents had, and they had something we didn't, an extra if you will." Tyler glances at me then twiddles his thumbs as he resumes, "Faith is wind, and her extra is the weather, which in a way relates to her wind, and she can fly. Her emotions affect the weather most of the time. Jack, as water, can breathe under water and has amazing healing abilities. And I am earth, which is connected to most living things. So I can feel others' emotions and if someone puts enough emotion into a thought then I can hear it, I can also plant things into peoples' minds, kind of like mind control, but not." He looks at me again, "When I broke the test tube in science yesterday, I was able to reimburse it with some energy, since it was small enough. But you saw, and I tried to plant in your mind that it must be your mind playing tricks on you, but it didn't have much of an effect."
I give a nod, making sure he knows I'm following along. "What's my extra gift?"
"I don't know yet, we all found these out by chance." He scratches his arm as he begins to swing himself again. I look down into my hands and the lily shines brightly in a way. Not glowing per say, just bright. I lift the flower to my nose and inhale the wonderful scent. "I, uh, like your dress by the way."
I glance down at my red dress. It is very pretty. Picking at the frilly end I open my big mouth, rambling time. "So, would that mean that...? My... One of my real parents had a special something?" A nod from Tyler. "Samantha doesn't know anything about this then. And, she wouldn't understand..." Tyler just stares at the ground and lightly swings back and forth. "This special something, it's big. Does..." Tyler looks over at me, straight in the eyes. "Does your dad know, even though he doesn't have a special something?"
"My mom," Tyler starts, "she told my dad when I was young, but my dad thought she was playing a joke on him. He thinks that to this day."
"Oh," is all I say.
"I'm sorry by the way."
I turn to look over at Tyler. His eyes are studying the wood chips on the ground, like he wants to look anywhere but at me. "For what?"
"That guy, Zach, he took your first kiss, didn't he?" At that Tyler looks up and meets my eyes. I don't say anything and just avert my eyes, looking into the beautiful lily Tyler had given me. "I see." I can hear Tyler getting up from his swing. I can also hear the shuffling of feet and movement of wood chips beneath them. Suddenly Tyler is knelt down in front of me, searching my eyes. "Forget about him and that kiss, a kiss doesn't mean anything unless you put feeling into it." I lift my head to see Tyler's eyes, but am shocked when instead I find him leaning in to kiss my forehead. But, I just moved. I lifted my head, making where my forehead was, where my parted lips now are. And where his lips just landed.
Tyler Elms, his lips, they're... They're touching my lips. Kissing my lips. He, he meant to kiss me forehead though. In a friendly way, right? More? I don't know. All I know is that the Tyler Elms' mouth is pressed against mine. You want to know what else I know. I know that I just felt a spark, like electricity, going through my body. And that the rubber seat beneath me is getting very hot. And that out the corner of my eye I see lilies popping up randomly throughout the snow covered grass. Want to know what else? I also very much can see that Tyler's once closed eyes are opening in shock and realization, the realization that his lips are on mine, not my forehead.
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