Video Submission Rules

A Teen Ink staff member will review all video submissions before they are posted on our site. Just because a video appears on Youtube does not mean it automatically will appear on our site. Your video must meet all our guidelines to be accepted.

Quality of Work

Not all videos are accepted. They must meet our standards for good image and audio quality as well as creative content.


We are looking for original material! We want to see YOU dance, sing, perform or read your work! TeenInk is a place for teen expression and to showcase what YOU can do.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

We do not accept Lyric Videos, AMVs (Anime Music Videos) or other videos, unless you give full credit in your description or in the video itself for ALL music, ALL images, TV clips, Movies, etc. that are used.

Keep It Clean

Nudity, sexual content or other inappropriate content will not be accepted. In addition, no crude, discriminatory, derogatory, rude, violent or threatening content will be accepted.


If you are using a song, image or piece that contains any profanity, you must bleep-out or omit those words entirely.

No Personal Information

Your video can not include phone numbers, home address, email addresses or last names of any individuals. Last names can be used if you are giving credit to work of others.

Maximum Length

Please keep your video to less than six minutes. Longer videos will not be approved.

No Marketing or Professional Videos is exclusively for work created by teens and therefore only accepts videos made by teens. We do not post videos from ad agencies, PR companies or others who are marketing products, services, videos, etc.


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