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ACTeen July Academy in Manhattan, NY
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In my opinion, attending ACTeen's July Academy was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. I mainly had a musical theater background going into the program, so I definitely didn't know what to expect. As soon as I got there... (more »)
Shakespeare's Globe Young Academics Summer...
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All my life, I’ve had a passion for literature, and I’ve never been able to get quite enough of it. In particular, I’ve had a longstanding obsession with Shakespeare. The counsellor at my school suggested I look into some summer courses... (more »)
SHAD Program in Canada
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It’s June 29th, 2014. I roll over and slap down hard on the blaring alarm. It’s 5 am and I have to hurry myself to wake up. There’s a long list of items I have to pack, chores I have to complete, and confirmations needing to be double... (more »)
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Summer Discovery in All Across the Country and...
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Summer is a time for students everywhere to further expand their minds and to thrive. For me, just like countless of other students, summer used to be filled with hours of television and other mindless activities that just made the transition... (more »)
Travel for Teens in Berlin, Paris & London
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Imagine sitting at a quaint Parisian bakery and ordering a French pastry or completing a meaningful community service project while overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Italy.  Are you searching for something to do this upcoming... (more »)
VISIONS Service Adventures in British Virgin...
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Having experienced three VISIONS trips so far (British Virgin Islands, Montana Northern Cheyenne and Dominican Republic), I figured I could lend an interesting perspective on what it is like being a part of this summer program. Unlike other... (more »)
Community Service Worldwide: VISIONS Service...
By , Jacksonville, FL
The month I spent in an overseas region of France, called Guadeloupe, was arguably one of the greatest months of my life. The 27 day program provided an incredible amount of insight and fulfillment, particularly as we worked with the community of... (more »)
Sewanee Young Writers' Conference in...
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I remember riding in the shuttle bus from the airport up the winding mountains of Sewanee, Tennessee. Little did I know, that it would become one of my favorite places on earth, and the place that I spent the best summer of my life at, on my way... (more »)
CTY Civic Leadership Institute in UC Berkeley This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Without the sky, the ocean would not be blue. I felt that I have lived inside my own bubble for the majority of my life and only came to realize that there was so much going on in the outside world once I moved back to China. This past summer... (more »)
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Young Scholars Program in Tallahassee, Florida
By , Coral Springs, FL
Every year, forty high school students throughout Florida are selected to be a part of the Young Scholars Program, a prestigious math and science program. This past summer, I was offered a chance to be a part of it and engage in STEM related... (more »)
Cranbrook Summer Art Institute in Bloomfield...
The first time I attended this camp, I was fourteen years old. Having learned about it through my dad, I was pretty excited and had some pretty high expectations. Certainly, they were met when I attended this summer program. The course I took... (more »)
Program yoUr Future in San Francisco Bay Area
Program yoUr Future, a non-profit outreach program, aims to raise greater awareness for women in technology by complimenting San Francsico Bay Area middle school girls’ education with programming basics using AppInventor and Scratch, networking... (more »)
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Barnard College Liberal Arts Intensive in...
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I ran through Times Square, the rain pouring down, my new friend by my side. I couldn’t ask for anything better. It was the final night of my one week program at Barnard and I was heartbroken we were all leaving the next day. I spent a week... (more »)
New Film Academy Summer Camp in New York City
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I started getting into film making last year when a friend of mine asked me to act in his short movie about aliens. Realizing I wasn't much of an actor, I grew more interested in what he was doing; writing his own script, directing the... (more »)
Enfocamp in Barcelona
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I boarded the airplane heading to Barcelona, frightened because in a matter of hours I'd be landing in a country populated by people who all spoke a language I was completely oblivious to. Not only that, I'd be spending the next two... (more »)
Grab the Torch in Colorado, Maine, and Connecticut
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Leadership, ethics, and philanthropy. To most teens, these are words that are hard to define but are undeniably synonymous with responsibility. Thus, they are usually perceived as far from enticing adjectives to describe a summer camp. It is those... (more »)
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