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The Battle Royal Craze and Its Ups and Downs on Fortnite and PUBG

May 1, 2018
By AndyK BRONZE, Waterford, Virginia
AndyK BRONZE, Waterford, Virginia
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I absolutely love the game Fortnite. It is a battle royal, which is just like a survival game. There are other battle royals out there that are more realistic than Fortnite, like Players Unknown BattleGround, PUG for short, but there is something particularly special about Fortnite. I don’t know if it the small map and swift speedy action which always keeps you on your toes; or if it is the almost cartoonie feel of the game with the drinkable shield potions or the weird, futuristic guns.

One of the only things I hate about the game is the way you can build around yourself to protect you. When you are fighting someone, you can build a wall or staircase to protect you from the enemy's bullets. They go up instantly, but take a second to get to their full health. In order to get them down, you need to shoot them down. It seems like whenever I shoot at their walls, they wall just gain more strength, and if I shoot them down, they just instantly build up another wall. It’s so annoying!

What makes me the most mad is when you get the flank on someone, or they don’t see you. You get a shot of two off on them and them, BOOM, they build a wall all around themselves and they start building up. They only do I because they know their in trouble and need to get cover instantly and get the high ground or else they will die. I’m just sitting there like, “COME ON FIGHT ME”!

Another thing I HATE about Fortnite is the downing system. What I’m talking is when you are in a duo or a squad game, you don’t die instantly when you are shot in the head with a high caliber bullet gun, or any gun for that matter. You get downed which is a state where you are crawling on the ground with no way to protect yourself because you can’t use your guns, and the only way to get back up is by being revived by one of your mates.

It is just like that in PUBG, which claims to be the most realistic survival battle royal, but just because of that feature, it not. When you are shot in the head in real life, you are most likely not going to survive, and in a game that is supposed to be realist, a 50 caliber bullet can be stopped by a lump of plastic and foam over your head. That doesn’t sound very realistic to me. 

Overall, I love both games. They are fun to play and can get your heart racing and you get the adrenaline rush, but they could be better.

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