April 16, 2018
By zacheras BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
zacheras BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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Gaming has been an international whirlpool of excitement and enjoyment for the  video game users. Starting in 1972 with the first couple games being atari and a basic tennis game, to the 21st century with the most popular game being Fortnite. Fortnite is one of the fastest growing games reaching the number one most played game of 2018. Between the different skins the users can choose from, to the numerous amounts of weapons and resources that can be found in the game. Fortnite is a 100 player vs player match, where the users player must be the last remaining person to survive.

The game starts off on a blue school bus known as the battle bus which will fly across a big island. The users character is placed on the bus and can choose at any moment to jump off the bus and descend towards a spot on the island. The map consists of different cities such as Tilted Towers and Pleasant Park, while also having numerous other locations with isolated houses that the characters can land on. Once the user has successfully landed their character on the island, it is their job to be the first ones to find the best types of loot before the other players. In games, loot would be either different resources that could potentially help the player win, or different weapons to help the player survive. The characters are always given a pickaxe which is used to break down trees, walls, roofs, rocks, etc, in order to gain more resources. Once the player has scavenged their landing location for weapons and resources, it is now their responsibility to stay within the zone. The game simulates a storm that raids the island, and the only way the player can be safe from dying in the storm, is if they are in the located zone shown on the map. The zone changes in every game and as time goes on, and it gets much smaller which forces the remaining players to be closer together. While the zone is getting smaller, the player must make sure to stay alive and not get shot down by any other player. A strategy to stay alive in Fortnite would be to build a base around the player in order to stop the opponents from attacks. The base would be made of either wood, brick, or metal, and if the player has a lot of these resources, they could build a big base with more protection. However, the user must be careful because at any moment, an opponent could potentially shoot down the base and possibly kill the player. This forces the user to be aware of their surroundings at all times in order to prevent another player from attacking them.

Once someone has made it far in the game, they must start to think about a strategy. The zone will be getting increasingly small, which limits the room the players can escape each other without dying. The only way to survive is to gather the best guns that the player can find, and build a base. This base would either consist of wood, metal, or brick, and the user is able to build it as high as they presume. However, they must be careful because after the player builds above three stories, they will take fall damage if they fall, and depending on how high they are it could potentially lead to them dying.

If the player successfully built the base, the next step would be to try and locate the remaining players left in the game. This way, the player could start to strategize a plan on how they should attack each other. Once the user finds the other opponents, they should find a way to eliminate them from the game. They could do this by shooting the weapons they have at the remaining players. The main guns in the game consist of a scar, an assault rifle, a shotgun, and a sniper. There are other types of guns that the players could receive, however these are the most prominent. Each gun is placed with a color in which the weapon is ranked. For example the color grey would is the least powerful, while the gold guns would be the strongest. If the player has a good gun and is confident in their strategy, then they could try and attack the other remaining players. If this works and the user is the last player to survive, they have achieved what is known as a “Victory Royale”. Winning the game would help the players level rise and it would be shown in their stats.

Fortnite could be played just as a solo, but is also played in duos and in squads. Having a squad could potentially help the user in battles with other squads because the player would have more people to help in battles. However, if the person wants to play with a duo or a squad, they are not allowed to play against solo’s because that would be at a big disadvantage toward the solo player. The squad games would result in teams of up to 4 players with still 100 people in each game. If the  squad wins the game, it would count as a victory for the player, and it would also appear in the stats.

Numerous amounts of games have had their peaks and their downfalls of popularity, however Fortnite is not looking like it will have any downfall for a long period of time. There are numerous amounts of streamers online, but the most popular would probably be Ninja and Muselk. These players both post videos of them playing on Youtube, as well as streaming on a platform called Twitch. Twitch is a streaming platform where different gamers can stream their game play for the public to view. The fans could either subscribe to the gamer and pay a fee of $5 a month to the streamer or they could give donations. Donations on the streams range from 5 dollars all the way up the the thousands.

Fortnite has taken over the gaming industry and is by far the most watched and streamed video game on twitch and on youtube. With its numerous amounts of weapons to the unique building aspect of the game, Fortnite will always be a prominent game sold in stores and played by the majority of the gaming population.

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