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April 15, 2018
By AryaMaz BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
AryaMaz BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
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Fortnite has gone through many changes over the past few months. In the past few months, the number of players absolutely skyrocketed with millions of players hopping onto the Fortnite bandwagon. Many items have been added to the game as of this player increase. The earliest of the current Fortnite items is the Bush. The bush, added on Nov 7, is a consumable that allows you to camouflage with the environment to hide from a squad of enemy players. This may not be a useful item in non-grassy areas such as Greasy Grove or Retail Row, but when used correctly, can be an easy win for you and your team. The next update to Fortnite was the Launch Pad. At the start of each game, every player flies onto the island in a huge blue school bus attached to a hot air balloon. They have a 40 second time period to jump out of the bus, free falling to the ground. Once they hit a certain point above the ground, a glider/parachute of some sort pops out and you glide down to your destination. Imagine being able to jump high into the air and being able to glide to an enemy base to catch them off guard. This is what the Launchpad allows you to do. Added on Nov 13, you place it down on a flat surface and jump on it. Once you step onto it, you get launched high into the air and can free fall/glide to wherever you want to in your reach. This can also be helpful in escaping the storm if you are fast enough to place it and use it before the storm engulfs your team.

Many other items have been added and at a faster pace after the previous two items. Smoke grenades, added on Nov 28, allows you to take temporary cover after exerting a big cloud of smoke to hide your location and catch any enemies off guard. Can be used in a building to confuse enemy players trying to escape to allow you to have some spare time to escape battle. Being removed in Mar 15 of this year, the reason of removing the smoke grenades is unknown yet it is also unclear whether they will make a return. However, the next change was the addition of the small shield. Added on Dec 19, the small shield costs only 1 second of consumption for 25 shields. The catch is that drinking small shields will not allow you to have your shield any more than 50. For any number of shields over 50, a regular shield potion or a slurp juice would have to make the cut.
The boogie bomb, a festive and creative item added Dec 23, lets the players start their own dance party. One tosses the grenade on a team of enemy players and they cannot help but to dance to the battle. Contrary to the disco music playing, the stealthy silenced pistol was added about a week later on Jan 1 allowing the player to output many bullets at the cost of range and a small magazine size of 16 but a DPS of over 170. However, all this fighting drains your health down, which is why on Jan 9, the cozy campfire was implemented into the game. Upon being placed, heals surrounding teammates over time for 25 seconds, healing 2 hp per second totaling up to 50. There is a strategic way of using cozy campfires during end game when the storm completely engulfed the entire island. The player places multiple campfires, usually 3+, and the healing almost out heals the 10 damage dealt every second from the storm. Usually it results in the opposing player to slowly decease in the storm.

Now a big update that hit Fortnite was the map update of Jan 18. This update included the addition of Shifty Shafts, Snobby Shores, Junk Junction, Haunted Hills, and the forbidden Tilted Towers. Many challenges guide the players to land in these locations. However, for a short time, Snobby Shores was the highlight of the map, quickly being changed for Tilted Towers, which still is the death zone of the map. A way to recover from getting destroyed in Tilted Towers is to drink a Chug Jug when you are desperate for healing. The Chug Jug, added on Jan 24, heals the player 100 of both health and shields. It is a definite answer to situations when you are in desperate need of a full recovery. That is if you are willing to wait 15 seconds to consume it. After being replenished, you need to come back strong. You need a minigun.  Added on Jan 31, the minigun uses small bullets and has very weak damage. This is aside the fact that it is a fully automatic gun blasting out about 15 bullets a second. It may not be great for slaughtering your enemies but it is desired for tearing down the forts of enemies and maybe slowly drilling their health away. On the other hand, the crossbow made its appearance on Feb 7. It caused a lot of outrage since its headshot does not deal a lethal blow considering it is a sniper. To counter this, it has infinite total ammo with 5 in the clip, being a semi-auto sniper rifle. It’s pretty clear that the crossbow is not linked with agility like the impulse grenade. Added on February 12, the impulse grenade added extreme agility to the game allowing players to hop between buildings at Tilted Towers or into an enemy base to dominate it. Many new items have been added to compliment the new location, Lucky Landing. Implemented into the game on Feb 28, this bright location contains white buildings with huge pink trees. Finally, for the awakening of spring around the corner, the Mar 15 update added Llamas (more plentiful chests that take longer to open), remote explosives (which are used as traps), and finally, a plethora of new skins. Each and every update contributed to the exponential growth of the game’s player base and has pleased almost every fan.

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