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Fortnite Review on Xbox, PS4, PC

April 12, 2018
By Anonymous

Fortnite is a very popular game that people have mixed opinions about. It was released by  Epic Games in 2011, and it wasn’t popular until 2017. The game itself is sort of similar to the hunger games, where players fight to the death and try to be the last one standing. Each game consists of 100 players, who are flown to a tropical island in a “Battle Bus” which is a school bus carried by a hot air balloon. Players will then be able to jump off the bus and sky dive to any part of the map they want. There are plenty of towns and structures that players can visit to find weapons and items that are beneficial to their survival, such as bandages and shield potions. They can also obtain wood, stone, and metal which can be used to build barriers and stair cases. There are game modes such as solo, duo, and squads, where up to four people can play together. As the game goes on, the map’s border will slowly shrink and players will take damage if they go outside of it. This forces people to always be on the move, which also makes the games go faster. This also prevents  players from becoming bored.


Fortnite has become popular because it is appropriate for people of all ages. It may sound very violent, but it is actually very colorful and childish. The animations are very cheesy and the gameplay isn’t gory. There is no blood, swearing, or sexual content in the game, which is why many parents allow their kids to play it. A parent named Steve M wrote on CommonSenseMedia saying, “It is a game that does have guns and grenades etc but done in a very cartoonish style with no blood or gore. Building and strategy elements are great and bottom line it’s fun and funny”. The fact that parents have positive opinions about the game goes to show how appropriate it is.

The reason I am writing about this game is because of how significant it is.  A question that many people have is, why is Fortnite so popular? First off, the game is 100% free of charge. This is very rare for such a high quality game, and is the reason why it has over five million downloads.  It can also be played on all platforms, such as xbox, Ps4, and PC. Player Unknown Battle Grounds, the closest competitor of Fortnite, was only released on Xbox and PC. Therefore, Fortnite has a much larger fan base because more players have access to the game and its content.

The difficulty of the game is also the reason why people constantly play it. When a game is challenging, people feel accomplished when they win. They are trying to get a victory royale so they can brag to their friends about how good they are. Because the game is so difficult, it does require a lot of strategic thinking, and it allows players to be creative in the way they build structures and defeat other players. If you are an aggressive person, you might go after players and hunt them down. If you are very cautious than you could hide in a bush or build a fort to camp in. Because the game is very difficult, you need lots of patience when playing. You  could be doing really well for the first ten minutes and obtain a lot of powerful weapons. However, one sniper shot can defeat you immediately. Now all the hard work you had done was a waste of time, and you will need to try again. Your progress can be taken from you in an instant, when you least expect it, and this is why the game is so hard.
Overall, Fortnite has gained much popularity over the past year. Its childish gameplay makes it unlike any other shooting game, so it is very unique. The game was recently released on the app store, and it is currently third on trending apps. So many people want to play it that the servers aren’t even big enough to hold everyone.


Therefore, there is an invite program where you sign up to receive an invite to download the game. Epic games will send an invite when there is room for more players. Fortnite has the potential to be the number one trending app on the appstore, in addition to the most popular video game of all time.





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