Rainbow Six Siege Operators Abilities on All

February 14, 2018
By Daylen Bradley BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
Daylen Bradley BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
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This is a research guide on all of the original operators from the first-person shooter known as Rainbow Six Siege. We are first going to start out with the British task force known as S.A.S. We are first going to start out with the attackers.

First, we have Sledge, an attacker that uses exactly what his name is. He uses a sledgehammer to burst through walls, so that means that if you do not want to use breaching charges then he is the way to go. Next, is another attacker from the SAS named Thatcher. Thatcher’s ability is something I would like to call useless. All it is, is a projectile that gets rid of electronics in the area that you threw it to. Next, we are going to talk about defenders of the S.A.S.

What’s in the canister. Yes that is right we are now going to talk about Smoke. Smoke is one of the two British defence operators that are available in R6. His special ability is exactly what his name says. He has up to a total of three canisters of lethal smoke that can incapacitate, or even kill you in about 4 seconds. So in other words do not get caught in his smoke. You can distinguish his smoke from others because of its yellow color.

The second defender of this operation is named Mute. Mute’s special ability is that he has four jammers or also called disruptors. Their main uses is to be placed at doorways to stop drones from finding the objective of whatever gamemode you are playing. The other main use for Mutes disruptors is to be placed in front of walls to stop the attackers from using breaching charges against you. The jammers also stop Thermites and Hibanas ability, but we will talk about them later.

Now for the attackers of the operation GIGN. This operation is made up of the French task force of rainbow six siege. The first attacker we are going to talk about is named Twitch.

Twitch is the first lady operator that we are going to talk about. Her special ability gives her drone an upgrade and lets it shoot a bolt of electricity. Her drone is mainly used to counteract Mute’s ability. She can also get rid of cameras with her electricity. A down side of Twitch’s drone is that between every shot of electricity it has to recharge. It also has a limited amount of electrical shots. Next, is the second attacker known as Montagne. He is the first attacker to have a shield. The easiest way to extinguish his shield from the others is that his can extend, making him almost invulnerable.

Do you need a savior, well do not worry anymore because Doc has your back. Doc is the first of the French task force on the defense side. Doc’s ability lets him heal either himself, a teammate, or even a enemy. He has up to three health shots that can revive incapacitated teammates, or can be used to regain up to 40 health. He also has the ability to overcharge himself, or others and give them a total of 40 temporary health. Next, it is all about the almighty Rook. Rook is another French defender in Rainbow Six. His ability consists of deployable armor that himself and allies can pickup. It lets you be more resistant to damage.

The operators of America, or the FBI SWAT are the orange on the selection screen. The first of the four that we are going to talk about is the defenders.

There are two defenders total in the FBI SWAT. The first operator of the defense side is Castle.
Castle’s special ability is to where he can put special barricades on doorways that take longer to destroy. It will take ten melee hits to break down, that is seven more melee hits than the normal three. An easy and effective way to get past his barricades is to place a breach charge on it and it will go away immediately.Next I will explain the operator Pulse’s ability. His ability is very simple to understand, all it is a electronic that can detect enemies heartbeats if they are close to you.

Now I will talk about the attackers of the SWAT. The first is Thermite. Thermite ability works just like a breach charge, except for the fact that it can get rid of reinforced walls. An easy way defenders can counteract you is if they have a Mute to stop you from detonating it, or a Bandit but we will talk about him and his shocking ability later. Next, we have the second lady operator named Ash. Her special ability acts like a portable breach charge, because it is a compact rocket launcher. The only thing about it is that it has an delayed detonation. What I mean by this is when you shoot it at a wall, it takes two extra seconds to explode.

Now it is the time for me to talk about the Russian operators, or also known as Spetsnaz. I favor them the most out of all of the operators because of their pistols. I will now explain the attackers of this operation first. First, on the list we have Fuze. Fuze is the definition of fear for the defenders and even the hostage. His ability is an average cluster bomb with a significant sound. It can be attached to walls, floors, and even windows as long as they are not metal. Fuze has a total of three clusters every attack that outputs five grenades each. Now, I am going to talk about the the attacker named Glaz. Glaz is special because of one reason, and that is because of his attachment to his sniper. With one click of a button, your normal scope turns into a thermal scope. When you are using the thermal scope, enemies are outlined in yellow.

I will now explain the lord’s ability, which means I am going to start to explain the defenders of the Spetsnaz. As I said before, the “lord,” or also known as Tachanka, is a operator that has a deployable turret with a shield. All you have to do is put it at a good vantage point in the room, and just spray when you see someone. The next operator I will talk about is Kapkan. Kapkan is also known as a trap operator, because he can place up to five traps on doorways, or on window, that do a total of 60 damage each time you hit one. They used to have a red laser that warned you that they were there until the last update.

Now, I will talk about the last operation from the base game. This operation is the German military force known as GSG9. I will start with the defender known as Jager. Jager’s ability is a deployable gadget that can get placed anywhere that can destroy grenades, smoke, or flashbangs that are thrown in the area of Jagers gadget. Now, it is time for Bandit. Bandit is the main defender to stop Thermite and Hibana abilities. His ability is a car battery that you can place on the floor beside reinforced walls. When you do this, they cannot place anything on the wall. You can also place this by a shield, or in barbed wire so drones cannot get in the objective.

Last but not least, I will talk about the attackers. First, there is IQ. Her ability lets her see electronics in the area, it will warn her if there are hazards near her. The last and final operator is Blitz. He is the last and final operator with a shield. His shield is special because it has a flash on the front of it. You can use it up to five times, and it will blind anyone in front of it. May all of your siege experiences be actioned packed. I also hope this has helped to make you be the best at Rainbow Six Siege.

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