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January 25, 2018
By DeadOPG SILVER, Cannon Falls, MN, Minnesota
DeadOPG SILVER, Cannon Falls, MN, Minnesota
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   If you like to play games and you don't know about  “Fortnight” you should read into this  . First of “Fortnight” is like Players unknowns battlegrounds there's a storm you have to avoid there people you have to battle and stuff you have to demolish but  fortnight is like the cartoonish

version of  pubg may be more realistic looking but in “Fortnight” your able to build stuff gather ss
supplies and just have a fun time and in fortnight there's guns that look futuristic
and then old style guns  which to me  for a game like fortnight it's a  good mix so on the
creators part they did a good job.
     And I would say fortnight is like the Hunger games because  a storm comes and then it keeps closing in every few minutes till everyone dies off and you have to go to a circle to stay out of storm or else you will start dying. In all fortnight is good for everyone of any age and it’s not too violent there's no blood or anything that’s gory.  In fortnight you can
buy stuff but why spend money on a free game but there’s cool suites and pickaxes to gather supplies while in style. It’s a fun game like pubg and it’s cartoonish and theres different
modes there’s 50v50, solo, duo, squad and you can do no fill which means if you don't have up to 4 or 2 friends in your game session it won't add any online players and you will be going against teams alone.
    There's also a storm in the game that makes it like the hunger games so the storm/circle keeps enclosing  every few minutes and you have to get inside the circle to be safe  before the storm comes because the storm will slowly kill you. There's only one map on battle royal the free mode  and yes there is a campaign that shows you how the storm came and how the people  fought it off  but it does  cost money anywhere from 40 -140 dollars  with some bundles but you can get it for just 40 dollars and still be able to play the whole campaign
and yes I know like how I said it’s like pubg and some people may say why
not just get pubg number one reason pubg you have to pay for. And in my opinion I just
like the cartoonish versions of some games better.
     And also again fortnight is fun and friendly for all ages and it’s fun to mess around in “Fortnight”  and it can be intense to into a game like it were it just makes you keep playing And I like how they have the storm and  the  guns they have  look really cool and futuristic so I would have to say this is one of my favorite games right. And I hope I can get more people interested in this game and  not let die out for awhile yet and just have it keep going and to keep adding things to it like new maps and modes and more challenges. I hope you guys and girls go check the game out and have fun playing it.

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Did you know fortnight is one of the highest grossing free games that is so fun. In fortnight you have commbat. 

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