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January 25, 2018
By King_Sasquatch BRONZE, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
King_Sasquatch BRONZE, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
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“Come on”, “are you serious”, and,”I totally shot him” are probably some things players will say at the start of this game. I know I still say some of these, even though I have spent a lot of time with “Rainbow Six Siege”. “Rainbow Six Siege” is not a game anybody will get into and immediately be good at. The game has a steep learning curve and it even took me a few multiplayer matches to get my first kill. If you don’t like FPS ( First Person Shooter ) games that are based on strategy and reaction time, this is not the game for you. Now then, let's get into the three things I will be going over in this review: Mechanics, Game modes, and the Community.

I’m going to talk about mechanics first. The player can either be on the attacking side or defending side each round, every round it switches so no player will not attack or defend twice in a row. It is normally a 5v5 situation. Players start out each round by picking a “operator” which is a playable character that will have a specific ability exclusive to them. Like a character named “ Jackal “ ( attacker ) who can track enemy footsteps. Gadgets alline with certain play styles whether I want to be loud and proud or sneaky and stealthy. The variety in gadgets and play styles add a lot of replay value, which is important for any game. Some operators may have lackluster gadgets that don’t do a lot but, have pretty good guns and vice versa. So, players have to pick their battles. Keep in mind the game does have one shot headshots and friendly fire. There are six weapon categories, which are as follows: Shotguns, Handguns, AR’s ( Assault Rifles ), DMR’s ( Designated Marksman Rifles ), Submachine guns, and LMG’s  ( Light Machine Guns ). These weapons will tweak certain play style even more. For example, if I want to use a DMR, I would want to stay back at medium or long range; however,  if I’m using a Submachine gun, I want to be up close and personal. Once in as a defender, the players can have two reinforcements which can be placed on walls to protect them from being destroyed. The attackers can scale the sides of buildings with a grappling hook, this provides the strategic advantage of being in unexpected places. There is a great mechanic in the game called leaning. This mechanic allows players to peek around corners and survey the area before running in through a doorway or window. Every map is different and allows for different strategies. Each map has cameras which allow the defenders to look through anytime they want. This is a way for the defenders to prepare for the attackers. Now then, let's move onto game modes.

There are four different game modes within “Rainbow Six Siege”: Secure Area, Bomb, Hostage, and Terrorist Hunt. Secure Area is a game mode in which the defenders are protecting a single point from the attackers. The attackers either have to kill all defenders or secure the point to win, in order to secure, the attackers must stand in the room with the point. Bomb is game mode where the defenders will have to defend two points but, the attackers have to plant a defuser instead of just standing on it; so, it balances out. Hostage has a single point that the defenders have to protect; however, there is a twist. The target is alive so the attackers and defenders will have to watch their fire in order to keep the hostage alive. These three game modes can be played in casual  ( which is just for fun and leveling up ) or ranked ( which is a competitive mode where players are ranked depending on a player’s wins and losses ). Terrorist Hunt is for the people that just want to go against AI ( Computer controlled bots ) instead of playing against real time people. This game mode is sort of supposed to make up for the lack of a campaign. I know that kind of sucks but, the multiplayer definitely makes up for it. Except for some cases.

The community of “Rainbow Six Siege” is mostly good with a few annoying people. Most of the community is very welcoming to new players, even sometimes the people will stop to help newcomers and talk them through the basics. I have made a lot of friends off of Rainbow since I started playing but, there are always a few bad apples from every crop. The “ Toxic “ people that play this game can often make a player’s experience miserable. For Example, another player team killing me after I choose the operator they wanted.  Luckily the developers of the game added a feature where anybody can report another person for “ Toxicity “, or I just play with a group of people that I know. Playing with friends is just better in my opinion, because I can coordinate gadgets, equipment and strategies. They probably won’t teamkill me either. ( most of the time )

“Rainbow Six Siege” is one of my favorite games of all time, I love making new strategies around certain operators, I love the steep learning curve that really makes me work toward the game, the mechanics work well, the game modes are fun, the graphics are realistic and the community is great ( most of the time ). I still love it even though I get mad and yell at it

sometimes. “Rainbow Six Siege” is a great game and I think it is worth a try.

The author's comments:

I have played Rainbow Six Siege from release in 2015 and I have loved every second of it. I thought people should really give this game the credit it deserves and I thought that more people needed to know about this game. 

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