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January 25, 2018
By Hay14 SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Hay14 SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Sonic Adventure is an Action Platformer Game Release back in September 9, 1999 where players get to play as six different playable characters who each have their own gameplay style, and there own story to tell. The game was developed by Sonic Team, and was published by Sega to be the First Sonic the Hedgehog game to be in 3D. This title was originally made for the Dreamcast but was later ported onto other consoles, and with it having a newer version called Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut which added some new things to the game. Many People’s thoughts about this game are mixed with some saying it’s the best Sonic game while others say that it's the worst, with both reasons being centered around the Story, the Presentation, and the 3D gameplay. I think that the game is good because this was the first true 3D Sonic game people got, and I think that's great. Does Sonic Adventure have its flaws, yes but there are some good things that this game has.

So the Story of this Game revolves around six different character’s: Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Big the Cat, and E-102 Gamma. Each of these characters have there own story to tell. For Example, Sonic’s story is about him finding the 7 Chaos Emeralds, and stopping Dr. Eggman (or Dr Robotnik) from unleashing his evil plan to use an ancient being known as Chaos. Tails story is almost similar to Sonic’s, Knuckles story involves him finding the missing pieces to the Master Emerald, Amy’s story has her being chased by a robot because she has a bird that’s probably important, Big’s story has him finding his frog friend, and Gamma’s story has him taking on his robot brethren so he can free them from Eggman. During these stories, our characters learn more about what this Chaos creature is, and why he turned bad. If the player managed to complete all of the characters story modes, they get to unlock the final story. Overall I think that the Story is good for a Sonic game, it's basically just about the hero stopping the villian from his evil plans. One problem with the story is that for the main plot, Big, and Gamma have no importance to this plot, there just there to be there.

Anyway, the gameplay for this game depends on what character. Sonic’s gameplay has him going from point A to point B, running around by building up speed, and attacking enemies by using the homing attack by pressing the jump button twice. Sonic can also do his spin attack, and later on a light speed dash which he can use to zip through a trail of rings. I also forgot to mention that each character can also get upgrades later on in the game. Back to the gameplay for each character, Tails gameplay has him racing off against Sonic (or Eggman) to a race to the finish. Tails has the ability to fly for a short period of time, and can do a tail attack. Knuckles gameplay has him finding 3 pieces of the Emerald for each stage meaning that his stage’s are basically a treasure hunt. His abilities include him gliding in the air, climbing onto walls, digging, and punching. Amy’s gameplay has her being chased by a robot throughout the stage. She can use her hammer to attack enemies, and use it to jump higher. Gamma’s stage’s has him locking on into enemies, and shooting them for extra time, and Big’s Gameplay has him fishing. Of the six characters, 5 of the 6 characters are good with my favorite being Sonic the Hedgehog himself. However my least favorite is Big the Cat. Look, Sonic games are all about going fast, but Big’s stage’s are in a very slow pace. Thankfully, he only has 4 stages so that’s good. There’s also the Chao that the player can take care off.

Other things that I should mention is the music. The music in this game is amazing with each stage having something new to listen. Another thing to mention is the graphics, and they have not aged well. In fact, the game itself hasn’t aged that well either with it having very awkward cutscenes, like how the characters talk, move, and speak. The controls also don’t feel that smooth, and the camera can be annoying sometimes. The games after this did get better with the graphics, and controls like the game’s sequel, Sonic Adventure 2. There's also some extras in the game like the submissions, collecting all the emblems, and being able to play as Metal Sonic in the game though Metal Sonic is just a copy of Sonic so there isn’t that much of a difference to him. So what do I think about this Game?

Sonic Adventure does have its problems but its not a bad game. Sure the game itself hasn’t aged that well but the game is still fun to play even to this day. With a Story that I think anyone can understand easily, Characters that have good gameplay (most of the time), and a Soundtrack that still is good to this day. Sonic Adventure was good start for Blue Blur in the 3rd Dimension, and it shows. If I had to rate this Game, I would give it a ?. Check it out, it's available on PS3, and Xbox 360 for cheap.

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