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January 25, 2018
By Reeeeeeee BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Reeeeeeee BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Have you ever wanted to fire a sniper round into an enemy but instead of them dying like in normal games they instead explode out of nowhere damaging his nearby allies as you sit there amazed by what you did, well then you should play “Borderlands”, an RPG style game, RPG stands for Role Playing Game which is when you play as a character that has a backstory and their own personality and most RPG games are played in open world areas where you can choose where to go and when getting rid of levels and not being able to explore,  but it being open world makes it hard because you have to go from point A to point B, or multiple points depending on the mission, but these points are usually really far away from each other, so get your hiking boots ready for an adventure.
There are quest missions, story missions, and miscellaneous missions, now most of the side quest can get repetitive but they are still fun to do because they’re really quick to do ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours, mainly for ones where you hunt down a boss and kill them, and there’s ones where you have to search the land for audio logs, weapon parts, food, etc. those ones are my favorite to do. These quest will chain another mission after it meaning it takes a while ,like I said, and that there will be more than just one part and you’ll be running around some more.There are also story missions, the ones you have to do to finish the campaign, these ones are mostly boss fights, talking to people, and exploring new places. Miscellaneous missions, these ones are super easy to do, the longest one I did only took 15 minutes, these missions are normally ones that you obtain by talking to people on your own time, and these ones normally consist of go grab this one item that’s not that far away or talk to one pearson. These ones are one and done missions once you do it it won’t start another part of the quest.

The quest aren't the only things that makes this game great, it’s like most game where people care about the graphics and the soundtrack. The art style isn’t what you’ll think, it is cel shaded, it makes 3D items appear flat, a lot like a comic book, this gives the game a cartoonish feeling which makes it different from all of the realistic games that everyone plays nowadays. Also the soundtrack to the game is quite nice, at the times you’re not doing anything, it’s calm and relaxing, but when you’re in a fight it gets epic and loud, like most games, but it’s still good to point these types of things out to people. Besides the soundtrack there will always be the gameplay, the way that Borderlands is set up it is an FPS RPG, first person shooter roleplaying game, a lot of games are set up like this because it’s a fun way to play, you get to choose your own character and build up it’s skill sets for a play style you like, like most games the character types are tank, support, scout/sniper, and basic assault classes. Now I played the whole campaign with all of the classes and, there is no one way, it always depends on your playstyle, if you want to be in the front lines fighting enemies head on or quickly and quietly taking them out from a distance, the choice is yours.

Finally we have the fun side of the game, weapons and memorable characters, most of the weapons in the game don’t make a lot of sense, like a full auto pistol that fires twice as fast as a normal pistol and the bullets explode on impact. There is a reason why the weapons are weird like that last one, the all are randomly made by RNG, random number generator, guns are made at random out of eight parts: gun type, color, base, barrel, magazine/clip/cylinder, stock, scope/sight, and ammo type. Most people would think that the gun type affects ammo type, nope, I’ve gotten pistols that fire shotgun style, and rifles that fire like snipers, but guns that act different than they’re supposed to are super hard to find and are most likely to not find these. There are also characters that people remember from the “Borderlands” games, mainly Claptrap and Scooter,now most people would say “what about Handsome Jack?” but he didn’t show up until the second game anyways, Claptrap is the little robot that you first meet in the beginning of the game, his name isn’t really Claptrap it’s CL4P-TP general purpose robot this is just the model name, in the start of the first “Borderlands” as he says,”...I am CL4P-TP, you may call me by my locally designated name, Claptrap.” in “Borderlands 2” he says a similar line but change a bit to,”Allow me to introduce myself, I am a CL4P-TP steward bot, but my friends call me Claptrap!”, you can also find other Claptraps in the game to talk to. Finally there is Scooter most people know him because he runs the Catch-a-ride systems, they are great for getting across the badlands quickly and in style, they also provide great cover in open area combat, be careful when they explode though.

In the end though this is a great game with good gameplay, art style, and story, but like most games this isn’t perfect it has a few bugs and glitches, but it’s still a really good game. Personally I would give it an 8.5-9 out of 10, the only major problem is that the leveling system goes up way too quick, one minute you’re level 5 doing level 4-6 missions, then out of nowhere you’re still level 5 but having to do level 7-8 missions, so if it didn’t escalate so quickly that would be great. Otherwise it’s a great game that I would recommend to anybody that like FPS RPG games.

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