Fortnite on Xbox One, PC, Playstation 4

January 25, 2018
By Anonymous

The screen loads up, it shows guns and people, but in the back of the screen. A blue flying bus. This game is called “Fortnite”. It is made by epic games/people can fly. It is for anyone 13 and up. This game is complicated. The battle royal mode is free. The save the world mode is free. In the save the world more there are extra packs which cost anywhere from 39.99  to 149.99 depending on which edition they buy. Also in the battle royal, there is an add-on called the battle pass. It gives special missions to unlock new skins, emotes, pickaxes, and XP boosters. I will be explaining the three modes, PvE(save the world), pvp(battle royal), and the special modes.
First of all, “Fortnite” has a PvE (player vs environment) mode where there are zombies that spawn and attack. In the missions, there are cars, trees, and buildings that are mineable with the pickaxe. they can drop supplies and materials from them. Using the parts and supplies, they collect. they can make guns and ammo for them. The guns consist of assault rifles/scars, shotguns, snipers, SMGs (submachine guns), pistols/revolvers, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and melee weapons. These guns come in certain tiers and levels. The rating system is grey(common), green(uncommon), blue(rare), purple(epic), and yellow(legendary). Another thing about this game mode is the storm. The storm sends the monsters to attack. To fight off the monsters, there are characters to play as (called heroes). These people also have a rarity ranking like the guns. They all have special abilities and tools they can use to fight and defend themselves. PvE might bore some people. So then there's the other mode.

“Fortnite's” pvp (player vs player) mode can get insane. Just like in the PvE there are the same gun types but there are no melee weapons. There are also traps that can kill people. The storm is a little different though. Instead of sending monsters to kill. It just kills the players slowly. It is kind of like a virus. It proceeds closer in the shape of a circle and does more damage every time it stops. It forces players to fight and keeps players on their toes. There are also medications to heal. they start with a hundred health and there are two medication types. Bandages and medkits. The bandages only heal the player to seventy-five percent of the one-hundred health and take four seconds to use. The medkits can heal the player to a hundred but it takes ten seconds to use. There are also shields. The player can have one-hundred shield points. So the player can have two-hundred health points total. There are two types of shields. Mini shields and normal shields. Mini shields can only give the player twenty-five percent of their total shield points per bottle and they can only bring them up to fifty percent of their shield bar. Then there's the normal shield which gives the player fifty shield points and can be used at any time. In this pvp mode, there have been five total modes. The three normal game modes are solo, duos, and squads.

The other two special game modes are called high explosives and fifty vs fifty. First high explosives. The only weapons are grenade launchers, rocket launchers, grenades, smoke and boogie bombs, and meds and shields. They can go in alone, with a buddy, or with 3 buddies. Normally in fortnite, people build bases and have an advantage. Not in this, all buildings get destroyed by rockets and the only building is for cover from rockets or grenades. It's all massive chaos and if they get hit by a rocket with no shield, they are basically dead. Then there is fifty vs fifty. Its fifty players against fifty players. It normally ends up with giant bases being built and fortified. One team usually ends up having more people than the other team. Now one thing about fortnite is that it gets complaints.

Some people think “Fortnite’s” age limit should be lowered to ten. There is no blood. Only weapons and some random bad words from the characters in the PvE mode. Another thing is that people think it's too much like player unknown battlegrounds (pubg). But it's more like a combo of Minecraft, where there's building and destroying, but it’s like Pubg, where there are guns and fighting. So it's not a copy. There are different maps, pubg has cars and motorcycles. fortnite doesn't. The graphics are different as well. Pubg has more realistic graphics than fortnite. Fortnite has smoother graphics. Also, fortnite has PvE mode, unlike pubg. So there are quite a few differences.

Now I personally think that this game is amazing. The monster’s in PvE, the insane shot’s and games in PvP, Shooting rockets in high explosives and building big bases in fifty verses fifty. What's better than that. Again some people think its too much like pubg, but I still give this a 4.5/5 for its game modes and gun ideas. This game has had a lot of fun game modes and it gets updates to it. There is always new guns, buildings, places, items or a new game mode every 2-3 weeks.

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