January 11, 2018
By goldenninja500 BRONZE, Lansing, Michigan
goldenninja500 BRONZE, Lansing, Michigan
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In minecraft you have to gather materials to build anything you want. The materials are blocky in shape but you can still make cool stuff. There are monsters, called mobs, and they come in different shapes and sizes the names of them are zombie, creeper, skeleton, slimes, spiders, and enderman. There are also other dimensions called the nether and the end. In these dimensions, there are different kinds of mobs. There are ghasts, blazes, wither skeletons, magma cubes, and zombie pigmen. There are also bosses called the wither and enderdragon. After you defeat the bosses, you win the game.You can also make automated machines using a material called redstone. You can also make roller coasters and they can turn out really cool. 

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im a 15 year old sophmore.

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