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December 15, 2017
By Daylen Bradley BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
Daylen Bradley BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
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Overall Review

Rainbow Six Siege, also known as R6, is a very realistic first-person shooter game that has been out for quite some time now. Its initial release date was December 1, 2015. A surprising thing about rainbow 6 is that it is still going strong.  The only problem with R6 is that is an online-based game, so that means that there are a lot less people playing the game than possibly could be playing.. Through the game, you are met with lots of operators ranging from the U.S. Swat, all the way to Poland.

The main idea of R6 is a 5v5 situation. Attackers vs Defenders. This part of the game is based on online play. This means that anyone that does not have access to the internet will not be able to experience the full game. There is also a offline version for people that are not fortunate enough to have any type of internet. The offline version is a gamemode called situations. On situations, you are on your own, playing offline. You are given many tasks through this gamemode. The main reason for situations is to get a feeling of the game before you play online. Another reason you should give situations a chance is because it lets you play as operators that you use in multiplayer. Playing situations help you decide what operators to buy first. Now more facts about R6.

Rainbow Six uses a very sophisticated and realistic way of gameplay. More bulkier and hefty operators tend to move more slowly, but typically have a better armor rating. While leaner people tend to be faster but at the cost of a worst armour rating. Another thing about R6 is there renown and credit system. I think their in-game money system is complex. Renown is the main in-game currency that you are rewarded with. After every match no matter what you play you are rewarded with renown. You use renown to buy new operators, attachments for your guns, and anything that customizes the look of your operators and weapons.


The Creation of the Game

For Ubisoft, the game company that created R6, it was a very difficult challenge to make a first-person shooter that is also realistic. Their idea for the game came from an original good guy vs terrorist contrast.

But Ubisoft did not simply stop at that point; they took it a step further. They gathered research on world-wide military operations such as the Spetsnaz, a Russian military group that fights for russia. They also went into detail by giving them equipment such as guns and any type of lethal or tactical equipment that you would see operators use in real life.

For the time being, they have put eleven operations in the game, with 2-4 operators in each operation. Each operation have their own weapons that is special to their organization. Ubisoft had to do research on all of the operations so they could know what guns they are famously known for using.     

The History of the Tom Clancy Rainbow 6 Series

The Tom Clancy series first started about a normal first-person shooter and it is still at that point now. The first game was called Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, which was initially released in late August of 1998. This game was developed by companies called Red Storm Entertainment, and Crawfish Interactive. They have advanced a lot since then.


The Unrealistic Factors of the Game

Even though people say this game is realistic, I would contradict that statement. I get that there are some features that the game has that are sort of realistic on, but if you look at it from a higher perspective, there are more cons than pros. One unrealistic feature of the game that gets me is on the defence side of multiplayer. You can carry two solid metal reinforcements and still be a very fast operator. Another unrealistic feature is you can carry an unlimited amount of barricades and still be an agile operator. The last and main unrealistic point of the game is some of the operators special abilities. For instance, an attacker named Jackal can trace enemy footsteps and he can see their exact coordinates. A defender that is not realistic is named Lesion.

Lesion can put a poisonous trap that is invisible on the ground and if you step near it, not on it, it injects into you. It does damage to you until you take it out.

Upcoming content

On December 15, Ubisoft is releasing a new operation from South Korea called 707th SMB. From this operation they are adding a attacker and defender. The attacker is named Dokebi, and her special ability is to where she can hack the defenders phones and they start to vibrate, making it to where the attackers can hear where they are. The second character from South Korea is an defender named Vigil. Vigil’s special ability is to where he can be invisible to the attackers drones. The last and final operator that was added in with this update is the last and final Polish operator. She is an attacker named Zofia, and in my eyes, she is the best one out of this update. Her special ability is that she has a launcher that has two impact grenades, and four flash grenades.  They are also adding a new map called tower. It is exactly what the name is too, it is nothing but a huge skyscraper. There is two features that this map adds and this is a 5 floor level for gameplay and  a very impeccable way for defenders to spawn peek.

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