South Park: Phone Destroyer on Mobile

November 29, 2017
By Anonymous

South Park: Phone Destroyer is a card game that includes humor, PvP battles, iconic south park lines and characters, and real-time strategy.

In South Park: Phone Destroyer, the kids of South Park have come together to play a game of Cowboys Vs. Indians. One problem that the kids face is that the Cowboys always get their butts kicked by the Indians. So, Cartman took it upon himself to ask you “The New Kid” of South Park for help to defeat the Indians and “Stan of Many Moons”. Throughout the whole game the graphics and commentary are great in my opinion. Also, its references to the t.v show and the other games are on point. For example, “OMG, you killed Kenny” , “Wizards Vs. Elfs” etc.

The cons of this game are small but, can annoy you. One of the problems are the PvP battles that you have to complete to be able to go to another episode on campaign. Also, PvP battles are hard to win since sometimes your opponent can be a higher level than you or can be cheating in anyway possible. It even requires you to upgrade your cards in your deck which is good but, can be difficult. You need one or more things plus in-game money to upgrade a card. Also, to buy a pack of random cards you need to pull out that wallet you have. A problem for android users is that you might experience the game log you out after a few hours of not playing the game and telling you that there was a problem logging back in with your google play account.

In conclusion, South Park: Phone Destroyer is a game that I personally recommend to South Park fans or to fans of card games. I would definitely play it again just for the campaign since I'm a huge fan of humor and South Park. I would give a 4 out of 5 star rating because of the few problems they have.

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