Cuphead on MS Windows

November 29, 2017
By clariceconway BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
clariceconway BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Cuphead is a great game!  I have played it on Microsoft Windows for the personal computer.  It is available also on Xbox.

The graphics look amazing, despite being cartoon-like.  Maybe that is a plus, though, because it makes the game unique. The game’s look is based off cartoons like Disney’s Mickey Mouse.  All the characters are beautifully drawn and then digitally animated.

It is supposed to be a game for two players, but most people play it single-player. It is played like your average game.  There are a few levels you must complete before moving on to the Bosses.  However, Cuphead is mainly a game of trial and error, and it has a hard skill level.  If you aren’t careful you will see the game over screen frequently!

The storyline is centered around two characters with cup-shaped heads. Their names are Cuphead and Mugman. They are trying to save their home after making a deal with the Devil.  (Yes, The Devil). The two travel through their world and fight multiple servants of the Devil. 


You get three hearts as a player.  Every time you get hit by another character you lose one.  The player has Cuphead and Mugman attack by rapidly shooting out of their hands.  Each Boss is takes about 300 shots to kill.  The Bosses mock you if your character loses a life.


Cuphead keeps you coming back because you must learn your attacks and master your mechanics to beat that Boss.  It is fun learning the ways of each boss, how the move, what signifies each attack, etc. This makes you remember the Bosses, unlike most games where you forget about other characters.

Let me warn you that none of the Bosses are easy.  If you think a Boss character is easy, you should be even more careful with that Boss.

Graphics are classic 1930s-style, with the characters having big gloves and cartoonish proportions (White, The Guardian).  The walking and fighting styles of each character in the game is very different, and designed to make them all feel unique to the player. 

When have you cared about the NPC’s in another RPG?  The craziest part is that this is an indie game, meaning that this was not made at a big video game company.  There are virtually no glitches, either, so you never feel disappointed.

The game is among the best I have played, and I have rarely beaten the first group of Bosses.  From the art style to the game mechanics, nothing is out of place. 


Cuphead’s world is whimsical and fun while still extremely tough.  It doesn’t hold your hand, but launches you into its world after the tutorial.  Most tough games seem impossible.  Cuphead shows your progress and convinces you to keep trying.

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I love video games and enjoy being challenged.

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