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November 28, 2017
By kristenjwang SILVER, NY, New York
kristenjwang SILVER, NY, New York
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Your actions have consequences. However, you face a decision that will impact the fate of your best friend and the fate of your town; though, there's a dark twist: you can only choose one between the options. Life is Strange, having sold about one million copies within six months of its release on January 30th, 2015, is a player’s-choice based video game where every choice affects the storyline. All plots conclude with a tough decision the player has to make involving their best friend’s destiny or a town’s destiny, including everyone who resides in the town, eventually causing broken hearts, waterfalls of tears, and people who just can’t get their minds off the ending they chose.  Life is Strange truly is a work of art, providing meticulous visuals, passionate and amazing voice actors/ actresses, and most importantly, a thrilling, mind-boggling, and heart-wrenching storyline, keeping players intrigued from the beginning of the game to the end.

Life is Strange, a player’s choice-based game, tells the story of a budding photographer, Max Caulfield (whom you play as), who goes back to her old hometown, Arcadia Bay, to attend Blackwell Academy because of her photography scholarship. She takes a trip to the bathroom after class and discovers that she has the powers to manipulate time. Soon after when she reunites with her best friend, Chloe (who Max hadn’t spoken to for years), Max and Chloe go on a certain mission to find out who’s been drugging females at Blackwell and where Chloe’s lover, Rachel, went after going missing. However, overlying all of these problems comes a huge conflict: a tornado huge enormous destroy Arcadia Bay is coming, forcing Max would have to make a ginormous decision.


The storyline, regardless of what I chose in contrast to what others may have selected, was extremely thrilling and intriguing. Almost every second of the game contained the right amount of drama. In addition, the game touches upon serious social issues such as drug abuse, alcoholism,and bullying (not suitable for younger audiences) that are portrayed very realistically. Sprinkled in, along with the game’s main plot, are scenes of, for example, a boy named Warren who’s practically your lover, which is a generous addition for romance lovers. Although the game’s main genre is graphic adventure, there's no doubt that interspersed with the overall classification are others such as, again, romance, tragedy, and even horror.


The graphics of the game were undoubtedly impressive and realistic; characters of the story looked like genuine people. However, although the animations were magnificent, there were a few flaws in the game, such as when the character’s mouth didn't move or even open although their dialogue was present. Clearly, it was an accident, but it was baffling at first; when it started, I had no idea if the dialogue was meant to be a thought or spoken speech  Though, it's a very understandable and very minor mistake that probably was unnoticed at first, and the mishap barely affected my view of the game. Not only did the brilliant graphics impress me, but so did every voice actor incorporated into the game. They had a tremendous amount of  life and emotion into their voices, which matched well with the animated characters’ appearances and facial expressions throughout the game, which made this pastime even more appreciated. It’s so hard to believe that there were only five voice actors who made up the team!

Life is Strange, the game that sold over a million copies, created by Square Enix and Dontnod Entertainment, is truly a masterpiece that definitely deserves a recommendation. Its exquisite design is wonderful, along with its emotion-pairing soundtrack, intriguing and just-the-right-amount-of-dramatic scenes, extremely life-like visuals all throughout the game, and impressive voice acting, bearing unbelievable life. Only $19, which is very low for such a high-quality pastime, this game is very worthy of receiving a play. However, never forget: choose wisely.

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