The Evil Within 2 on Xbox One, Playstation 4

November 27, 2017
By 7R3V0R22 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
7R3V0R22 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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The Evil Within 2 is a third person shooter survival game. You play as Sebastian Castellanos, the main protagonist. Sebastian is a man plagued by the death of his daughter Lilly. He later finds out that she’s alive, and goes on mission to save her from the evil STEM program.

The game is visually stunning. Even if the game is not the best, the graphics makes up for it. Attention to detail is something the game exceeds in. In some scenes, you can even see the fibers on the clothes.

But, the main story is a roller coaster with no destination. The main focus on the story is not that bad, but everything that surrounds that point makes the story confusing. All of the villains have the same agenda; therefore making each of them boring and more forgettable than the ones before them.

The supporting characters in the game are a waste of space. They hardly do anything to progress the story. Though they give you supplies and weapons, all end up doing is dying as you progress. Their deaths are basically meaningless and the assisting characters are merely extra dialogue that the player must endure.

The lack of ammo in the game adds a nice conservation aspect. But, this effect was overshadowed by the unnecessary amount of ammo handed out later in the game before boss fights. The upgrades for performance are fair and helpful for the player, though they become obsolete after a certain point in the game. The combat in the game was rarely faulty and added a nice fighting style to the game.

Overall, The Evil Within 2 was a fair sequel to its predecessor. The game was overall entertaining and a nice horror game to play over the weekend. 

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