Call of Duty WW2 on PS4

November 27, 2017
By Anonymous

Call of Duty WW2 takes the series back to its roots, getting rid of the jetpacks and the wall-running from the last three Call of Duty’s. As the developer Sledge Hammer Games says the game is back to “boots on ground”.

As many others will agree CoD WW2 is a much more immersive game than past CoD’s. The screams from enemies when shot with incendiary shotgun shells makes the game more horrifying. This helps the player get more immersed into the game. The screams from dying enemies aren’t a new thing to Call of Duty, but are certainly more realistic and frightening in this game. Another factor that helps players immerse into the game even more are the glide bombs. These bombs are earned through getting a streak of kills in multiplayer. There is nothing worse than hearing the sound of a glide bomb, knowing you cant do anything to stop it from killing you other than hoping the player controlling it chooses to kill a someone else in the game.

The ranking system has, in my opinion improved. It is much easier to prestige than past CoD’s. Where as in past Call of Duty’s it took me about a week and a half to prestige, but In CoD WW2 it only took me about 11 hours of total gameplay to prestige. I think that is also because now even at a low rank you unlock some of the best weapons in the game like the PPSH-41 and the STG44. Sure there are better weapons like the BAR and the FG 42 that you unlock at higher ranks, but the starting weapons are still weapons you could use even after you have unlocked those  weapons. This is something that I think Sledge Hammer got right. In the past games you only got better weapons by earning supply drops in the game or buying them with real life currency. Yes CoD WW2 has supply drops but the weapons you get in them don’t have different stat’s compared to the default weapons. It only the changes the design, color, and look of the weapon, which don’t effect weapon statistics.

The zombies game mode which is now called Nazi Zombies also has gotten much better. The zombies are now much more realistic and frightening compared to the past zombie game modes. The endless waves of zombies don’t get boring after 20 minutes like past Call of Duty’s. You start out with a starting weapon of your choosing. Another new feature it has is that you can start out with power ups like double points, instant kill, full meter, and max ammo. You can use these whenever you like during a wave of zombies. The specials or specialists are actually much more useful in times in need and are easier to gain once again. The Pack a punching is also  really easy to achieve. It is because of this that you can also reach a high wave of zombies playing solo. The casual Easter-egg is also very easy to complete because it is the casual Easter-egg. The Hardcore Easter-egg is actually quite difficult as it should be. It takes a long series of steps to complete as well as completing the casual Easter-egg.

Overall the game is very well developed except for some minor bugs and glitches that don’t really effect gameplay and will be fixed. I personally have enjoyed the multiplayer a lot  as well as the zombies. I hope that future Call of Duty’s are as good as this one.

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