Prey (2017) on XBOX One

November 27, 2017
By Anonymous

Science-fiction adventure/shooter game Prey hit the markets early 2017. The game was produced by Arkane Studios after the downfall of a science-fiction game by the same name. Bethesda Studios published the game, continuing the Arkane-Bethesda duo that has made many games such as the Dishonored series. The action-packed game came blasting onto the gaming scene with amazing graphics and its branched storyline. With the brilliant customization you can have multiple original and different gameplays without ever doing things the same way. The stunning graphics allow for a very immersive gameplay. It allows you to be able to appreciate every detail of the modern, futuristic design. High quality weapons and creatures just highlight the creators’ vision for it. The setting is the perfect place for the game, the shining modern design contrasting the dark feel and look of the Typhon, the main enemies in the game. These features help the game to draw you into it and feel like you are in the game. The game is highly customizable, from how you use resources and play the game to how you fight and traverse the map. The game allows for many different added powers and skills, given through ‘Neuromods’ that allow you to better fight and access things. The weapons (many of which have special variants) can be selected for upgrading and use. You can even upgrade your suit and helmet to better survive and protect against the many dangers that you will face. Many resources around the space station where the game is set can be scrapped for use on other things. You can use them to create Neuromods to ammo and kits to upgrade your weapons. Even the choices you make can change, greatly affecting how you end the game. The story is one of the best I have ever had the pleasure to play through, making me feel invested in the characters and what happened to them. While many games focus on action and gameplay than story and characters, Prey has a healthy combination of both. The story has many arcs, each one depending on the different choices you make in situations and how you treat others on the station. Each character has their own personality and will react differently to you, making them feel almost alive in their actions.

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