Call of Duty: World War 2 on PS4

November 26, 2017
By Pigeon22 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Pigeon22 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Hello there, I am an 8th grader reviewing Call of Duty: World War 2. After the depressing era of Exo movement of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3, and Infinite Warfare, we finally have a COD game on the ground, not on walls, the air, and not in space! Cod players loved the simplistic type of game to just shoot other players and have fun. COD: WW2 has 3 game modes zombies, multiplayer, and campaign and you will read about my opinions and facts about these modes.

Let’s start with the multiplayer first, the most played game mode. The new innovations in COD are spectacular, the headquarters, the divisions, and plenty more stuff to find out. Thre are many things to do with friends or strangers in the lobby like 1vs1 deathmatch, watching people open supply drops, and accepting challenges. The actual gameplay and maps are ok, there are some problems, and some good qualities about the multiplayer. The weapon variety is minimal many people use the same guns and really try hard to win, but this depends on your skill level/kill death ratio because it is skill based matchmaking instead of it based on connectivity.  We only have 9 maps in the game so far and most of them are not bad or good except some, mostly the snipers remember me of Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 2 because they were infested with snipers quick scoping and it made them a horrifying enemy. The submachine guns are great, as well as the rifles, the light machine guns are decent, and the shotguns overall a bit underpowered but a division allows the shotgunners to carry incendiary shotgun shell. Some divisions allow special attachments for shotguns, light machine guns, and submachine guns. I find that the divisions are ok but I’d rather have perks back to the game.  Some problems with the game are maintenance, XP glitches fo search and destroy, skill-based matchmaking, weapon balance, and much more but can be easily fixed if Sledgehammer games listen to the players.

My personal favorite game mode is the zombies, zombies had been my favorite since Black Ops 1. This time it is Nazi zombies with a group of survivors from a place in Germany where they fight waves of the undead, the zombies are gruesome and freaky looking, the gameplay is good but not as other games in my opinion. Weapons are fun to use and it’s always fun to shoot zombies. As always the easter egg is completed in a few days or one. The map is very dark, mysterious, and the sounds are a bit creepy the map is large and I had difficulties finding my way around the map I had to always stop and think to see where I am. The bosses are ok and the final boss is hard to be solo but with 3 other friends who know what to do, it is easy. I had a fun experience, but better with friends.

I find the campaign to be an awesome experience, there are so many great qualities but some questionable moments in the story. We are mostly a soldier called Pvt. Daniels who we see fighting in some of the most historical battles ever, the Normandy Beach and the Battle of Bulge. Some missions you are a spy seeking revenge or a prisoner of war. The graphics in the cutscenes are amazing so realistic great,  job on their part. One instance is so unbelievable is when you are in a jeep shooting at a train to stop it and the train crashes with the jeep, which causes the train to derail and all of the debris is going around you, so you feel like how did I survive that? Good not great and memorable characters, one interesting feature is that you have no health regeneration so you are forced to rely on your squad to resupply you of ammo and health. They haven't done any health regeneration since COD 3 and it feels nostalgic for some players.            

My overall rating of the COD WW2 is that it is a good COD game even though it has problems, it will hopefully get better with age. I would say that you can wait to buy it until some problems are fixed but it’s your choice and money.

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