Call of Duty World War II

November 26, 2017
By Anonymous

This is one of the most popular games on 2017 it is designed by sledgehammers games pre order by 50 thousand people on PS4 and Xbox combine and it was still not out. The time that does numbers were register was 1 month before it came out and on the last days it is going to increase a lot. If you ever played this game on zombies on my opinion you are seeing the best graphics or animations ever. The zombies are well thought out on the with how they look and were they are. The best thing of zombies are the bosses they are hard to beat and well designed and that they look like there invisible makes me try harder. The people who created the game make scary games it is scary if you are not expecting a zombie to come next to you but the rest is not what I expected. I like that they made the eastern eggs harder to get. The only complaint from me is that I don’t like is that it is to dark I now is to get us on that what is going to happen but I cannot see good more light who’d be appreciated.

The story was good it explain the beginning of WWII. The story is mainly about Red and his three friends that are Turner, Zussman, and stern. The main cause is to stop Hitler that obvious.

What I don’t like about the game is that there weapons look old it is reasonably because it was on the old times and the last game was from the future I got use to the good looking weapons. Also the jumps are normal on the old game you jump a hole building and this one what we can jump. I actually like the game but it is not the best game on the world is at the top for me there mite be people that disagrees but I have my points.

Multiplayer I actually like playing it but they always make it that you have to use money or waist to get the good guns I don’t like that because there are a lot of free to play players like me. Free to play players are people that just want to play the game for fun and not spent money. They kind of solved the problems that for the people that pre-order were going to get a prize or something to open chest I don’t now because I did not pre-order the game but that good that they did this. One thing that I am going to give is the maps they make me think I am on the pass well it a game from the pass but I like to see it because it gets me on the mood to start killing people but I am not that good so I almost don’t kill people. There’s people that complain because they always get killed That happens to me to but is just a game and I don’t get it is a game to have fun win of lose the second one is me always .

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