Paragon on PC and PS4

November 26, 2017
By Anonymous

Paragon is a multiplayer online battle arena game. Its fast paced and intense fighting is what makes this moba game enjoyable. It is a 5v5, 3rd person game. Paragon puts you in control of the action. The game is designed so that every player can compete and win without ever having to spend real currency. Skill is a huge part of the game, depending how you move, where you aim, and how you attack determine how the game plays out for you and your team.

There are a range of weapons and powers you are able to possess depending on the hero you choose to play. Such as swords, guns, and alchemy.  There are many different play styles you can go for. Cards enable you to gain stronger skills allowing you to use exotic powers and more opportunity throughout the game. Cards also affect how you will play during the match. The better the card, the better you’ll do in the game.

New heroes are added every three weeks, so there is always a change in the battle. Depending on whether you like to fight head on in the battle or support your time from a distance, there is a hero for you. One of the heroes I personally play is Sparrow, she is a long ranged fighter. Equipped with a bow and arrow, she can overpower other heroes without having to get to close. One of the special powers she is able to do is make it rain arrows onto the enemy making it easier to push forward in the battle.

What makes this game really unique compared to other moba games out there, is that it allows you to play cross platform between PS4 and PC. Which is something few games have done in recent years. This allows pc gamers to interact and compete with ps4 gamers. It helps build up teamwork and the chance to interact with players from a different console.

The actual graphics in this game are pretty sick. The character and just the map in general are designed to match well. The graphics when you load into map are HD quality.The minions that support you and help you fight are well designed to match your color towers.

Another thing I may mention that wasn’t to my liking was how limited the character modification was.This wouldn’t stop me from playing the game of course it was just a simple fact i did not enjoy much as the rest. You can't really modify that much to your character or have a lot of clothes to pick from. Luckily they do have some skin 3-4 skins for the every character.

Despite bad reviews regarding the controls on the pc and how they overpower ps4 controls, you should still check out this beautiful and polished artwork. It will keep you wanting to play it again and again. In the end is the game worth playing ? The answer is yes it's worth your time and giving it a try. You won't be disappointed, if you're looking for a new mmo might give this game a try.

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