FIFA 18 on Xbox One

November 25, 2017
By JSM10 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
JSM10 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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FIFA is the best Saga of soccer. The most recent game of the Saga is FIFA 18; it was released on September 29 worldwide and was created by Electronic Art Sports (EA sports). The game is sold online in the console stores like PlayStation store, or in the stores that sell technology like Walt mart, GameStop, or Best Buy. The game was in the top-selling games when it was released, so I recommended to you.

FIFA 18 is rated E and could be played by everyone with the option to play by 4 players or less. You can play the game with your friends and Family members.

 My dad, my brother and I have tested the game and noticed that FIFA 18 was fluid and very quick. The players follow our directions with no problem and without lag. We also noticed that the goalkeepers have new reactions that help saved more goals and that chances of goals could be created more easily.

EA sports use a new motor called frostbite for the graphics. This motor makes the graphics to look like you're watching a real soccer game. EA Sports added more official faces to the players like Renato Sanches and Gabriel Jesus. EA sports also put more attention in the crowd of each stadium. The crowd looks in 3-D and they sing traditional songs like "You'll Never Walk Alone' from the Liverpool crowd. The game also improved the player animations like the real movements of Cristiano Ronaldo and new celebrations like the Dybala mask.

The game can be played offline with The Journey or career mode. The journey is a storyline in which you play with Alex Hunter, a normal player that passes through the best clubs in Europe like PSG, Atletico Madrid, and Bayern Munich. The other mode is career modes that consist in choosing your favorite team or any team and manage their money and players like a real manager. Online you can play FIFA Ultimate Team that consists of choosing and buying your favorite players and playing in FUT champions, Squad battles and seasons as many matches as you want.

I think FIFA 18 is a game to choose in your birthday or a special occasion. I think FIFA 18 is very addictive and you will make some changes to your agenda just to play it.  FIFA 18 will make you forget all your problems because you will have a lot of fun and interact with other people around the world.

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